The easy hack that will instantly make cheap lashes look way more expensive.

Turns out you don’t need to spend all your hard-earned brunch money on fake eyelashes.

A simple hack that can make even the cheapest of falsies look way more expensive has gone viral, and beauty fans are loving it.

Mexican Makeup Artist Paloma Garcia shared a video to Facebook of her genius trick and it’s been shared over 150,000 times.

Even Nikkie Tutorials, one of the most popular beauty YouTubers with over nine million subscribers, retweeted it with the caption “My life is a lie”.

So what is this miraculous trick?

All you’ll need is your pair of inexpensive fake eyelashes and a spoolie – a beauty wand used to groom eyebrows and eyelashes that looks like the brush you’d find in your mascara. You can buy them in bulk from most pharmacies or beauty supply stores.

Then, keeping the eyelashes in the box, simply vigorously rub your spoolie across the lashes to fluff them up. This will make them look less plastic and straight and more wispy and realistic.

Yep, it’s that easy.

False lash fans on Twitter were as excited as you’d expect about the money saving hack.


Game changer indeed.

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