We tried those magnetic lashes IRL and spoiler alert, it didn't go as planned.

Like an annoying fly that won’t go away, ever since I first saw magnetic eyelashes on my Instagram feed last year I haven’t been able to get them out of my head.

So simple in their genius, but also so damn strange when you think about putting magnets so close to your eyes.

Naturally, when the chance came to try them out for real, I was the first to put my hand (and eyes!) up. When the day finally came round, it was with nerves and great anticipation that my colleague Jess and I took a closer look at the spider-like things we were about to put perilously close to our lash line.

What are they?

At first glance, they look like any normal false lashes. The brand we had were Three Second Lashes which retail online for about $39.95 plus shipping. For that you get three pairs – two natural and one bold. The kit also contains a pair of big pink tweezers which I quickly discovered make a difficult job even harder. Ditch them and go in with your fingers.

How do they work?

Each strip contains a little magnet, a lot smaller and lighter than I was expecting. The bottom lash is marked by a red dot. To use, you have to position the top lash on top of your lashes, then go in with the bottom one underneath to lock it in place.

What happened next? Well, you have to watch the video below to see the hilarity in action. Spoiler: they definitely did not take three seconds.


My first attempt saw my eyelash fly across the room. The second, the eyelash magnets connected – just not anywhere near my eyes. By the third time, I’d got the hang of it and was able to do my second eye with comparative ease. No small feat given I’m rather uncoordinated and a bit of a lash noob.

The final results.

The volume of the bold lash is insane – think a fresh set of lash extensions. The problem is that for my particular eye shape, the strips were too straight and too short, only covering half of my lash line.

Left side with, right side without. Image: Brittany Stewart

It was a similar case for Jess.

"When I first saw the magnetic eyelashes I'll be honest and say I didn't have too much faith. I didn't know how they were going to sit, and was afraid that they'd rip out my already sparse Asian lashes on removal. However, after having a play with them I was pleasantly surprised," she said.

"Although I only managed to get one eye on - they were pretty easy to apply and gave my lash line a noticeable boost. Also after a very active head-shaking test, I'm can say with complete confidence that they would definitely stay on mid-dance floor boogie.

"My only gripe with them is that I wish the shape was more tapered and shaped like an actual false lash. They're a bit chunky, and don't extend across the eye - otherwise I would 100 per cent use them on a daily basis."

The final result. Image: Jess Wang.

Are they worth it?

The idea of the magnet rather than fussing about with eyelash glue is great, and they certainly do hold strong. They're also much more reusable than other lashes and suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergic to lash glue.

But to reach for them all the time, they're still in the prototype stage. Wait for a few more brands to play around and finesse the shape and length. For almost $50 they're certainly not worth it for actual wear as they currently are. Hilarious Instagram content on the other hand? Priceless.