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From Bachelorette rumours to Jonethen and KC’s date: What we learnt from MAFS Stacey’s YouTube.


Married At First Sight may have ended (what feels like an eternity ago), but the MAFS gossip is far from over.

You see, like many former reality TV stars before her, Stacey has started her own YouTube channel where she dishes juicy information about the show and her personal life.

Yep, it’s the self-isolation gift none of us particularly asked for, but our entertainment-starved brains certainly need in a time like this.

Watch: Stacey shares her opinion on the Mikey cheating scandal. Post continues below. 

Video via Stacey Hampton

So while many of you may have spent your Sunday catching up on Netflix or learning some new yoga poses, I spent a good chunk of my day watching every video on Stacey’s YouTube channel. All one hour, 30 minutes and 20 seconds of it.

Was it worth it? It’s questionable. But I did learn a lot.

Here are nine nuggets of information that came from Stacey’s YouTube videos.

1. How Stacey found out about Michael and KC.

By now, we all know MAFS contestants Michael and KC are very much together.


The couple confirmed the rumours two weeks ago, telling New Idea they had been dating since early March, after weeks of “friendship”.

“Before I said yes to being his girlfriend, I asked him to come clean about everything so that no future allegations could rock us and he went into detail about everything. Yes, he was a naughty boy, but he is my naughty boy now,” KC said.


But now Stacey has shared how she found out the news that her (fake) ex-husband had moved on with the fellow MAFS bride.

“I found out when she messaged me asking to catch up with him,” she said in the video.

“And then I got sent paparazzi photos when I said I wouldn’t really like her too. That’s when I found it.”


Since then, she hasn’t been in contact with her onscreen husband.

“I haven’t spoken to Michael since MAFS and we ended on a really bad note. I refuse to talk to him it brings up a lot of negativity.”

That said, Stacey is happy for the couple and hopes Michael treats KC right.

“He looks happy right now and I’m very happy right now,” she said.

“I don’t hate anyone I don’t even hate KC,” she later confirmed.

2. Why Stacey and Michael split up.

Michael hasn’t shied away from talking about his split from Stacey. And now Stacey has weighed in on why the pair went their separate ways on her YouTube channel.

“He doubted me and like I said on the lounge, I forgave you this whole time and was willing to look past the video and all the evidence and everything but you can’t do the same for me,” she said.

“I don’t want to be with someone like that. I want to be with someone who will always believe me.”


After the multiple cheating scandals, Stacey says: “I really want to meet someone and settle down for mine and the kids’ sake. But I don’t know if I’m ready yet. I’m quite traumatised.”

3. Stacey says Mikey may have been paid by the producers to lie about the cheating scandal.

Speaking of cheating scandals, Stacey still insists she did not sleep with fellow contestant Mikey. And apparently Natasha is now on Stacey’s side too.

“Mikey got into Natasha’s ear and said that we had a one night stand while Michael and I were separated… this is not true at all,” she said in the video.

Instead, Stacey claims Mikey made the whole thing up because he didn’t like the way he was represented on the show.

“He’s going to keep saying it’s true because Mikey didn’t like his edit. He didn’t like the way he looked awkward. He wanted 20 seconds of fame instead of his 10 second pun. So he got into Natasha’s ear and Natasha was really angry.”

Mikey mafs 2020 cheating
Image: Instagram.

But after the reunion, Stacey claims Natasha saw the light when she showed her the messages between her and Mikey.

"I showed her messaged from Mikey where he asked to partner swap with me... and I turned him down. I was like 'I’m leaving and I’m done and I’m not that girl and I’ll never be that girl'. So he obviously was mad, I don’t know the reasoning or he wants a drama out of it I don’t know. But he doesn’t understand the impact it has on my life making these lies up," she said.

“He’s not my type and I’ve said it before.. he looks like my son he’s very young," she added.

In another video, Stacey was asked if she thinks the show paid Mikey to lie.

"Potentially," she replied. "I found it weird they flew him back from Italy when he could have said it at the boys night when it was hinted."

4. KC and Jonethen very much had a thing.

Earlier this month, Connie told Hit 96.9 Goulburn Valley her on-screen husband Jonethen hooked up with KC during the experiment.


And now Stacey has also confirmed the pair got together during the show.

"KC had a fling with Jonethen so what you read in the media is true. Connie let it slide, she didn’t think much of it," Stacey said.

mafs cheating scandal
Image: Channel Ten.

Apparently, the pair also went on a date which was filmed but never aired on the show.


"Connie was like hold on she’s [KC] being made to look innocent. She actually had this whole secret dinner and stuff with Jonethen on camera and they chose not to include it which was really weird to me. So KC and Jonethen had something before Michael," Stacey said.

"And that’s why Drew actually didn’t like her in the end. You guys thought it was because she was materialistic but she was telling Drew that she likes Jonnie and stuff on camera."

5. She's not opposed to being the next Bachelorette.

In one of the videos, Stacey addressed the rumours floating around that she would be appearing on The Bachelorette. 

Stacey was asked, "Would you go on another (reality) show?"

"Give me a year to think about that. I need to get over this. I need a whole year to get over this," she replied.

"But potentially. A lot of people have mentioned Bachelorette. I don't know, we'll see."

Stacey wouldn't be the first reality star to become The Bachelorette after Gogglebox's Angie Kent was on the show last year.

Then again, it would certainly be the first time a Channel Nine MAFS star has jumped networks to star on the Channel Ten dating show.

Only time will tell for this one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6. She's putting her law degree on hold.

Stacey may have mentioned her law degree a few (dozen) times on the show, but now she's putting her legal career on hold until her two sons, Kosta and Kruz, are older.

"It's up to me and I'm in the position where I have the law degree, but I want to do something better with my life at the moment. My children are still a bit young. Not many law firms like to take on people who only want three days a week," Stacey said.
"If I did five days a week then I feel like I'm not being fair on my children and I'm not there for them. Being a single parent has impacted me quite a lot, but I'm also so blessed and wouldn't have my life any other way."


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7. Stacey opened up about her tragic family history.

Stacey opened up about her tragic family history in a raw and emotional video titled 'The Real Stacey Hampton'.

The 25-year-old explained how she lost her father to suicide, before losing her older brother in a motorcycle accident on the day she was due to give birth to her son.

“You should get to know the people you’re watching and you should have an insight into why they are the way that they are,” said Stacey.

“The reason I am where I am is because I have lost people in my life. I’m not blessed, I’m not lucky and I’m not entitled. I have nice things, but it doesn’t mean I’m happy. I’d give away every single handbag I have, I’d give away my car, anything, just to make sure my kids are happy or to have my brother back or to see my dad.”

Stacey explained that she grew up with her mother and three siblings and spent years not knowing about what really happened to her father.

“I didn’t ask until I started primary school. I thought maybe he was in jail or something. It didn’t feel right. Every time I broached it with my mum, she would break down or go to the other room or something. I was so confused,” she said.

“When I was old enough, I asked my sister and she told me: When I was one, my father killed himself on New Year’s Day. Hearing that was like automatic guilt. I blamed myself. I used to lay in bed thinking, ‘Was I the reason? Did he not want or love me?'”

8. She was admitted to hospital after MAFS.

Stacey previously told Daily Mail, she sought medical help and was admitted to hospital after the show finished filming.

"I went back to [hospital] not long ago and was put on antidepressants," she told the publication.


"I'm okay now, still on the medication. I'd took myself off antidepressants ages ago after first going on them when my brother died."

Stacey updated fans how her mental health was going on YouTube.

"I'm better. I was on medication and I'm slowly getting back into my normal headspace... and just taking everyday as it comes I guess. [I'm] learning to prioritise my reality with what's not reality," she said in the video.

"I'm glad the show is over I couldn't be happier on the finale when it came out I was like back to reality."

9. Stacey is still close with Lizzie, Aleks and Natasha after the show.

While her time on the show may not have been all positive, Stacey says she is still close friends with her fellow MAFS contestants.

Stacey started off by saying she is closest with Lizzie, who she considers a "loyal friend" who is "very good at keeping me positive and sane."

Stacey also said she is close with Aleks, adding "she's real, she's nice to talk to with, she's a lot of fun."

"Natasha is another one I talk to the most," said Stacey.

Feature Image: YouTube @StaceyHampton

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