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Sarah Roza took something way better than a husband away from Married At First Sight.

Married At First Sight’s Sarah Roza may not have ended up with her TV husband Telv Williams, but she got something so much better – a gorgeous group of girlfriends.

In a tribute to her fellow reality TV stars, the 38-year-old spoke of the bond the group of women shared. And it gets pretty gushy.

“Until the experiment ended I never fully understood the power of this sisterhood,” Sarah wrote.

“No one will ever know what it really was like being on MAFS except these amazing individuals.

“Together we are brilliantly strong, sassy, intelligent, classy, funny, stoic, assertive, witty, supportive, resilient, creative, loving, inspiring and all with the absolute biggest of hearts.”


Sarah said she and the others “leaned on each other” and were also available as “a shoulder to cry on” or to deliver “some prudent advice”.

“We’ve picked each other up so many times it honestly brings tears to my eyes reminiscing back on all our touching moments together.

“I now realise the beauty and strength of these real, authentic women.”

Sarah also spoke of the positives she and her fellow MAFS ladies took from the experiment, even if they didn’t end up with their man.

Meanwhile, Davina is incapable of saying the word ‘sorry’ and we need to talk about it. Post continues.

“Whilst we didn’t always agree with each other and we may not have all found our true love, the one thing that we did all actually find was our voices, our backbone and our true grit.”

“Thank you LADIES OF MAFS… it was an utter honour and a sincere privilege to share this incredible experience with you all.”

Of course, not all of the contestants shared so much love for each other as the show ended this week.

We can confidently say Tracey and Davina are never going to be best friends, while Ashley made her feelings about Carly ending up with Troy clear in an Instagram post.

But for Sarah, the female friendships she found on the show made her experience worth it.

Thank god for girlfriends; the loves of our lives who will never break our hearts.