"The genuine moment on Married at First Sight that moved me to tears."

I think we can all agree that Married at First Sight is a wee bit silly.

It’s a reality show about strangers getting fake married on TV.

It’s… it’s… silly.

It’s full of poorly matched couples, misbehaving relatives, and fights about absolutely nothing.

But every now and then a moment happens that genuinely gives us the feels.

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One of these moments occurred in last night’s episode when bride, Alycia, introduced her new husband, Matthew, to her brother.

At the reception Alycia asked Matthew to go to a quiet area with her so she could introduce him to her brother, Eden.

“If we could have a chat to my brother, just over there,” Alycia told him. “I would really, really, really love that. Thank you so much.”

“So Eden, this is Matt,” Alycia said as the two men sat down opposite each other.

MAFS Matthew Alycia Eden
Alycia's brother Eden. Image via Channel Nine.

"Yeah," Eden responded.

"It's lovely to meet you, mate," Matt replied.

Then Alycia prompted her brother to tell Matt a little bit more about himself.

"I live in South Australia and I've got Aspergers and a bit of autism," he said. "So I work at a workplace for people with a disability."

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In this moment, Matt's reaction was perfect and the ~ very new ~ brother-in-laws started chatting to each other.

"I hope I can gain your trust too mate," Matt said to Eden. "Because obviously letting your sister do something like this is a pretty big step."

"And I hope that you know your sister's in very good hands, and I look forward to spending time with you too mate," he adds.

You can almost see Alycia breathe a huge sigh of relief while witnessing this exchange.

"I feel like not everyone would have the patience or time for someone like my brother who does have a disability, so for him to go out of his way above and beyond, that's just amazing," she later explained.

Honestly - if anyone from this show can make it - it has to be Matt and Alycia.

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