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The best reactions to the start of MAFS' intimacy week, which will no doubt end in a messy bin fire.

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This is our lives now.

Over the next 10 weeks we’re going to spend a lot of time watching married strangers slowly descend into anarchy and fair enough, this is exactly what we asked for.

Tonight we saw our 10 couples take a big step in their relationship and move in together.

According to John Aiken, in the ‘real world’ this step can take months, if not years, but our couples have moved in after two weeks of knowing each other. And yes, this is why the experiment never works.

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Oh, and also it’s intimacy week. Connie decided to try writing letters with Jonethen in an attempt to curb his phone habit, while Michael asked Stacey to venture out into the real world, sans makeup.

The whole thing proved too much for Poppy, who decided to call it quits and leave the experiment. Unfortunately, Luke was forced to follow and the poor guy wasn’t even allowed to go to his own bucks party. See you guys, we hardly knew ye.

Here were the best reactions to tonight’s episode.







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