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OUR HEARTS: Everyone's favourite MAFS couple Jules and Cam are officially getting married.

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Of all the insane dinner party fights, explosive commitment ceremonies, and cheating scandals, we never thought the first part of the MAFS finale would convince us that maybe… love… isn’t dead?

Yes – MAFS angels Jules and Cam are making their fake marriage official, with Cam dropping to one knee in perhaps the most beautifully edited scene of reality television we’ve ever seen in our lives.

The slow-motion walk through? The Lord of the Rings music? The MIST?! Someone over in the Channel Nine studio definitely worked overtime for that one, and it almost excuses the countless editing fails this season.

Jules of course said yes, the angel music played, and we’re not crying, you are.

(We are already excited about the hundreds of Jules and Cam MAFS babies soon to come).

Here’s how Australia reacted to the sweetest moment – we’re calling it – in the history of the franchise:





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