There's more to the Jack 'ditching girlfriend' drama than what was shown on MAFS.

It's 2023 all over again (and 2021, tbh) as Married at First Sight has been struck by a 'secret girlfriend' scandal

It feels like just yesterday that Harrison Boon was being exposed on his wedding day for having a girlfriend right up to his nuptials, but on the latest MAFS, it's Jack Dunkley who was confronted with a similar allegation.

"Everyone knows about the article that came out about Jack," fellow contestant Jayden Eynaud said at Monday's dinner party. "Let's just clear it up right now."

The article he's referring to came from a claim by a woman named Courtney Jade, who – back in August – wrote on Instagram that Jack had dumped her seemingly to go on the show.

"Breaks up with me right after I met his family and he told me he loves me. Tells me it's for [a] 'work opportunity in America' only to find out he's on MAFS in Sydney," Courtney wrote on The Wash's Instagram.

So back to the MAFS ep, where Jack has shared his side of the story. And it was really... umm, something.

'Bitches are crazy, right!' Image: Nine.


"I've got a disgruntled ex, basically," he replied. The other women around the dinner table raised his ex Courtney's concerns that they were in a serious relationship, and that he lied about moving to the US.

"It's all out of context. It was a very casual yet exclusive relationship," he said (which doesn't make any sense at all).

Jack then made some somewhat threatening comments directed at his ex.

"She fell harder for me quicker and she's thrown me in front of the bus, but I'm still not going to go there [and share information about her]. I've got everything on this girl, but I would never do it. She's had a colourful past."

It's worth noting that Jack made every attempt to discredit Courtney but failed to actually deny any of what she claimed. 

"There's little truths to everything she did say... I would deem it a relationship, but casual."

Jack then put his foot in it, saying he had only tried to end their relationship "seven weeks ago" – which expert Alessandra Rampolla confirmed meant he was already in the process of the experiment at the time.


"We're going to need to talk to him about that," John Aiken added, and yeah, good. Looking forward to that one. 

Meanwhile, Courtney has spoken out about the mental toll of seeing Jack on screen.

"It's been a very hard time in my life. One that I don't wish on anyone," she told Daily Mail Australia. "I hope this doesn't continue to happen to other people. It was a horrible experience and not something I want to talk about."

Ahead of the dinner party airing, she also shared a statement on her Instagram Story.

"I hope everyone gets some sickening entertainment out of my horrid breakup on Channel Nine," she wrote, adding that she has "no comment" and wants to be left "in peace".


Courtney did not mince her words when addressing people speculating about the breakup. "It's one thing to go through a breakup, but it's another thing to have to relive it on nationwide TV and talk about it," she added.

"Enjoy watching the fame-hungry humans that ruin lives and create nothing but pain. I am embarrassed by the world we live in and am absolutely mortified by my experience."

Jack has since broken his silence around Courtney's ongoing statements about him.

"It wasn't a surprise. I had a feeling that my ex was going to go rogue at some point and probably sell something to the media," Jack told Daily Mail AustraliaOuch.

Jack maintains that he was transparent with his MAFS bride, Tori Adams, about his past relationship.

"Tori was all over it. I think I discussed it with her [on] day two or day three of meeting her, and caught her up to speed with my latest relationship and where it was, and how I couldn't get away from the communications even though I wasn't responding," he said.

He  told Daily Mail Australia that he has since reached out to Courtney to apologise for "not being transparent" about their breakup.

Feature image: Instagram/Nine. 

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