Everything we know about the rumours Married At First Sight is about to get its first intruders.

So apparently Married at First Sight is about to get intruders, and we’re very confused.

First and foremost, how does one introduce ‘intruders’ into a marriage show? This isn’t… The Bachelor. No one can… win.

It actually makes the experiment [in scientific terms ] no longer valid because all of the subjects haven’t been in the same environment for the same amount of time.


Here is a flashback to the 2019 promo, we scoured it for intruder clues. Post continues after video.

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But alas, here is what we’ve pieced together about the rumours four new people are about to enter the Married at First Sight arena.

It all started with a fan page last week.

Instagram account MAFS Funny shared this:


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Coming soon to shake things up ????#MAFS

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Woman’s Day then shared more information to add fuel to the rumour mill.

They’ve announced the intruders to be Billy, Daniel, Susie and Tamara. It’s not clear if they’ll be entering as singles or couples, however New Idea seem to think it’s the latter.


Another theory that’s being thrown around stems from the Ines and Sam scandal.

According to the Daily Mail, Ines, Elizabeth, Sam and Bronson all quit the show as a result of the scandal, and that’s why the four intruders are to be brought in.


Moving on…

Here’s what we know about the newbies:

Billy is an aspiring actor and model from Queensland. He is basically Sam. They look bizarrely alike.

He is apparently going to be paired with Susie Bradley, a 25-year-old Brisbane mum-of-one to a four year old girl.

On her Instagram she goes by the tagline: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”

We’ve also learnt she’ll apparently “ruffle feathers.”

Billy MAFS
Billy is an aspiring actor/model from Queensland.
Susie MAFS
Susie is a mum-of-one from Brisbane.

The second intruder couple are made up of Daniel Webb - a former rugby player turned businessman from the Gold Coast, who is also a dad-of-one to a young son.

He'll pair up with Tamara Joy, a Melbourne based human resources manager who apparently likes a 'luxury holiday' (gurl, don't we all).

An insider told New Idea, they saw the couple boarding a flight and apparently had "zero chemistry". Amazing.

Daniel MAFS
Daniel is a dad-of-one, and a rugby player from the Gold Coast.
Tamara MAFS
Tamara is a human resources manager from Melbourne.

What. A. Twist.

But really, we can no longer be surprised by what this show throws at us.

Bring on the intruders, and who knows, maybe also move the contestants to the jungle while getting them involved in a dance competition.

We don't understand anything anymore.

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