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"Every situation was manipulated." MAFS' Drew on what really happens behind-the-scenes.



Married At First Sight‘s Drew Brauer is the latest contestant to condemn the controversial reality TV show’s producers and practices.

In an interview with Mamamia, the 31-year-old said the conversations contestants would have with the show’s on-set psychologists “would mysteriously find it’s way back to our producers”.

“Every situation was manipulated towards drama and a lot of things just went against my values… I had a really tough time,” Drew, who was paired with KC Osborne on the show, reflected.

“We were told, ‘You guys are too boring, you aren’t even going to make the show,'” he added.

“We were constantly told what we had to talk about and it was just so draining. I find it so easy to avoid drama and calm a situation and this was not what they wanted.”

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Drew claims the producers would actively encourage arguments between contestants and get annoyed if they were acting too “boring”.


“Every time I didn’t react to an argument, or tried to stop one from happening, that would cause a lot of friction,” the musician claimed.

“Every time I wouldn’t comment on other peoples’ relationships, gossip or get involved in things that literally had nothing to do with me, I would be in trouble.

“That person you watched just is definitely not who I am.”

Drew said he would even get told off for laughing.

“I laugh at everything, and nothing really upsets me. So every time I was laughing something off, I was told, ‘You can’t laugh at that, you look so smug, everybody is going to hate you’.”


As for his relationship with KC, Drew said he knew they “weren’t going to work out very quickly.”

“We are just so different. We are basically the opposite of each other’s ‘type’ but then being made to feel like I was being judgmental and basically a horrible person, just for being honest and true to myself.”

Now, KC is in a relationship with Michael Goonan, one of the other contestants from this year’s season. Drew and KC remain friends and are still in contact.

“She is with Michael and there is no pressure or expectation. It’s great to be her friend,” Drew says.

“I just check in and make sure she’s doing okay – which is a great thing from being on the show. We lived together for six weeks and went through a very stressful situation that not many people will ever understand, so we have bonded over that.

“Trauma bonding!”

So, has he been able to find love after MAFS?

“I have been lucky enough to spend the whole of this isolation in the middle of nowhere on my family’s sheep and cattle property. It has been awesome for me as I have been 100 per cent focused on my charity Kick On and everything we have going on. So I haven’t even seen a woman since the show!”


“I have always been quite happy being single, and until I meet somebody I really have a great vibe with, I don’t feel any pressure in that space. But in saying that, I am definitely ready to get back to civilisation!”

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