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‘She was loud and flirtatious.’ MAFS' Cathy shares what we didn’t see on the show.


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Married at First Sight ended a couple of weeks ago now but there’s not much excitement in this life of lockdown, so we’re lapping up absolutely any reality TV drama we can get our hands on.

So when Mamamia interviewed MAFS‘ Cathy Evans we were anticipating some juicy gossip, pls. And you can always count on Cathy to deliver.

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Speaking about who was and wasn’t portrayed accurately on the show, Cathy said Connie’s edit was pretty deceiving.

“She wasn’t as shy as they portrayed her to be,” Cathy said. “Quite simply, [she was] a lot more loud, confident and flirtatious.”

She claimed to have heard Connie murmur “yuck” and pull faces while KC was on the couch.

“She denies this but I mean let’s roll back the cameras and playback her mic,” Cathy said.


KC seemingly confirmed this, telling OK magazine: “In my second commitment ceremony, Connie was saying some horrible things about me while I was talking to the experts.”

“Connie was pulling faces at me and muttering rude comments under her breath. It was awful!” she added.

Cathy said the portrayal of her (former) (fake) husband Josh and her own portrayal was also inaccurate, but she “wasn’t phased at all”.

“I guess they tried to portray Josh as the loveable Aussie bloke but yeah, LOL is all I can say,” she told Mamamia. 

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"The audience's opinion does not phase me," she said.

"Whether in some scenes I looked like the jealous crazy b*tch and others I looked like a nympho. I know who I am and my friends and family know so that's all that matters."

Overall, she's not in contact with many of the cast members, especially not Josh, and doesn't care about what everyone else is up to as it's "none of my business".

"KC is my closest friend from the show so we lean on each other a lot," she said, adding that she was happy for KC and Michael, who got together following the reunion episode in January.

"There are a few others I'll still ask how they are doing and there are others I forgot I went on the show with."


Usually when a season of MAFS ends, the stars spend the following few months being followed by paparazzi and making paid club performances.

But there's a global pandemic, which is doing serious damage to this year's MAFS cast's ability to be... seen.

Cathy, a logistics investigator, is lucky to be able to work from home, and has also launched her IGTV channel BFL.

"Life has been somewhat normal to be honest," Cathy said.

"I guess with more public attention whenever I hit the shops for essentials but other than that - it doesn't feel any different."

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