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A threatening text and new feuds: The fallout from MAFS' Michael and KC getting together.


SO. Married At First Sight has ended for another year, but does that mean the drama is over? Absolutely not.

Mere hours after the reunion special aired on Sunday night, the next bomb was dropped: contestants Michael Goonan and KC Osborne are now dating. Surprise, surprise.

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Sharing their news with New Ideathe couple proclaimed their love for one another, explained they had actually been together for the past five weeks, and even announced they’d moved in together.

“It’s love. We have one hell of a journey ahead of us,” Michael explained. “Everything is on the table. We moved in together last week.”


However, it isn’t all sunshine and roses… because people are divided.

Some are happy for the pair, while others are… well, not. And because of this, the drama continues.

So to continue the neverending chaos that is Married at First Sight 2020, here is all the fallout from Michael and KC getting together.

One castmate is happy for the couple

Whilst some would assume Michael and KC’s on-screen partners would dislike their newfound relationship, it seems that KC’s (fake) groom Drew Brauer is actually happy for them.


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“I wish them all the best, good on them! I really hope they are happy. KC actually asked me if I’d had a problem with them going out and having a drink. KC and I didn’t work and I wanted her to go for it. I want her to be happy and I still care about her.

“I think Michael and KC are a lot better match than what we were. I hope it works out for them. All the best to them,” shared Drew.

 “More of a revenge thing.” What the rest of the cast has to say.

Hours before announcing their relationship status, another contestant from the latest season of MAFS, Elizabeth ‘Lizzie’ Sobinoff, shared how she would feel if the two were dating. And, well… she wasn’t exactly in support of them.



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“If KC and Michael are together, I will be very disappointed in each of them, because KC was very friendly with Stacey when filming, and Stacey confided in KC a lot,” Sobinoff began.

She continued to explain that she believes the relationship would purely be a way for Michael to get back at Stacey for ~allegedly~ cheating on him with Mikey Pembroke.


“I would also say that I would think that would be more of a revenge thing from Michael to get back at Stacey. So hopefully they’re not together,” she said.

And uh oh, KC has responded.

Uploading various stories to her Instagram that have since expired, she explained that she thought her and Lizzie were friends and that she is disheartened by people’s responses to her new relationship.

“Lizzie and I were friends the whole way through the experiment. It’s very disappointing to hear her say that Michael’s just with me out of revenge and that I’m a bad friend because I was close with Stacey in the experiment.

“I wish people were more supportive instead of throwing shade on my new relationship…” she said.

Lastly, some comments on Michael’s (fake) ex-wife, Stacey Hampton’s latest Instagram post suggest who is in support of her through this whole saga.


Lizzie wrote, “No second choice here”.

Natasha Spencer left a praying emoji and the words, “The sun already here babe – you got this”.

While Aleks Markovic commented, “So glad my reason for god putting me on MAFS was to meet your fine self! I got you”.

“Trust me to stay your distance.” The threatening text Michael sent Stacey’s best friend

Okay, now things just get confusing.

Stacey Hampton and her best friend Anthony Messina have been badmouthing her on-screen (fake) ex-husband Michael for some time now. And finally, Michael has responded and threatened her said best friend.


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Is it Friday or Sunday? Who knows at this point. ☕️ @ant_mess #bestie #throwback

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In text messages obtained by Daily Mail Australia, Michael has made it clear that Anthony needs to stay away from him.

He writes, “I’ll give you this, you are a good looking c**t. Though, know I like you. You will see (it) will take an army to rock me.

“Make sure the bullet goes straight throw (through) my head. Because I’ll fly charter a jet with the hardest c**ts from Russia just for the banter.

“Trust me to stay your distance. Bikies wanna go me, wear their true colours, I’ll always respect the lads.”

Honestly, they don’t make a tonne of sense but he clearly doesn’t like the guy.



Until next time…. when we update you with more Married At First Sight drama (which honestly could be any day now).

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