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This week's MAFS will look wildly different.

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As you're all probably aware by now, the final weeks of Married At First Sight Australia are upon us — but not without some minor tweaks.

Particularly to the schedule of the episodes, which have undergone some slight changes ahead of Final Vows.

The final Commitment Ceremony has come and gone, leaving us in a bit of a head spin, but it's about to get a lot more chaotic with Final Vows and the reunion episodes dropping.

Watch the trailer for the MAFS Dinner Party episode here. Post continues below.

Video via Nine.

Fortunately (or... unfortunately, if you'd rather just get this season over and done with), the episodes are about to be spread out. It's a big change to what we've been used to for the past two months, since the series kicked off on January 29.

Up until March 25, we were getting hour-long eps four nights a week — but there are still at least four episodes of Married At First Sight Australia left to come. And for the next two weeks, they'll only be airing on Sunday and Monday nights.

So to break it down: 

We watched the final Commitment Ceremony on Sunday, March 24, followed by the final Dinner Party (along with the Honesty Box) on Monday, March 25.


What's to come this weekend (Sunday, March 31 and Monday, April 1) are two episodes completely dedicated to and centred around the Final Vows.

Because of this, it looks like the Reunion Dinner Party and Commitment Ceremony will air on or around next Sunday, April 7, and Monday, April 8.

The couples that remain in the experiment include Sara Mesa and Tim Calwell, who were a messy duo right from the beginning thanks to Sara's cheating scandal, where she caught up with her ex-boyfriend during filming. But it looks like all will end well for the couple.

"By the end of the experiment, they have a big redemption," an insider told So Dramatic!. "It's a genuine love story, and they finish the show together."

There's also Lauren Dunn and Jonathan McCullough, who we all know by now have had a dramatic falling out thanks to Jonathan being caught texting former bride Ellie Dix. Now the pair are officially dating, so it seems like it worked out in the end. Well, for Jono anyway.

Lauren after finding out Jono cheating on her during the MAFS final Commitment Ceremony. Image: Nine. 


We can't forget intruders Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo, who have had a seemingly picture-perfect relationship during the series. Another couple that makes it to Final Vows is Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley, who have perhaps one of the most controversial relationships we've seen on the show in years.

Finally, there's Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper, who were rumoured to have a "secret pact" to stay together. However, they've both since denied the claims.

Whoever manages to stick it out until the bitter end, we all know by now that Final Vows could well be the beginning of the end for these couples anyway.

But here's to hoping!

Feature Image: Nine.

This post was originally published on March 24, and has since been updated.

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