FedEx doesn't believe that Madonna is Madonna and she is, understandably, unimpressed.

Who says celebrities don’t have problems like the rest of us normal, non-famous folk?

This week Madonna proved that being one of the most recognizable pop icons in the world does not mean you are immune to the frustration of dealing with service-providers.

The 59-year-old shared her annoyance with US delivery service FedEx in a Tweet that is oh-so-relatable for anyone who has come up against a company’s mind-numbing and seemingly nonsensical policies or procedures.

“When you’ve been arguing with FedEx all week that you really are Madonna and they still won’t release your package,” she wrote, complete with an eye-roll emoji and a #bitchplease for good measure.

Thousands of Twitter users liked and retweeted the message and it wasn’t long before FedEx noticed it too, responding on the social media site.

“Hi, this is Julie. I would like to help. Please DM your delivery address, tracking & phone numbers.”

To us, that seems like a lot of information to give out just to receive a package.

We hope that the situation resolves and that when the mum-of-six finally does get her hands on the package, that she shares an update with the rest of us – because now we really want to know what was in it.

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