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The 8 most annoying people you'll meet at the office.


If you’ve ever worked in an office, you will have experienced at least one (but hopefully not all) of them…

Look, most people you work with? They’ll probably be OK. Great, even. But no matter how awesome your office is, there’s always at least one person who seems to be determined to ruin it for everyone.

You know who I’m talking about. The messy one. The inconsiderate one. The moody one… These are the types that make normal people resort to passive aggressive notes and impulsive stress ball purchases.

Read on to discover the eight most annoying office personalities.

1. The food stealer.

Surely this is the worst of the worst office offenders. Or maybe I’m just overly sensitive – because I’ve been a victim of this recently. #prayforme

If you’re looking forward to an incredible lunch of pad thai only to get to the office fridge and find it gone? You have a food stealer among you. Time to install some CCTV, perhaps?

2. The freezer.

You know the one: You can be in the midst of an Antarctic Vortex, but this person will insist on setting the office air-con to “glacial”. So while they sit at their desk in comfort, the other 99 per cent of the office is shivering with six layers of coats on.

Can one bring a Snuggie to the office without judgement? No?


3. The heater.

This person is a close cousin of the freezer – the person who must work in a tropical climate, or not at all.

If you have one of these types in your office, you’ve probably seriously considered stripping off and working in your bra and undies at least once…

4. The encroacher.

This is that one giant slob of a colleague whose stuff is continually spilling over onto your desk. If you don’t nip it in the bud stat, you’ll soon be left with a square millimetre of desk space.

Don’t be a victim.

If your neighbour’s desk looks like this, you might have an encroacher on your hands…

5. The tuna-lover.

Tuna is great. But dear god does it reek. Does this worry the tuna lover though? Nope nope nope. They’ll happily tuck into their, shall we say, aromatic lunch while the rest of the office gags and prays for gas masks.

Not cool, guys.

6. The “Colleen”.

Named after Home and Away’s uber-annoying Colleen Smart – the Colleen is the office gossip.

This person miraculously knows everything about her colleagues’ promotions and pay rises as well as their sex lives and relationship woes – and they won’t hesitate to spread the juicy goss around. This person CAN be fun – until they start talking about you.

Do you have a Colleen at your work?

7. The toilet vandal.

You probably won’t know who it is, because no one exactly owns up to being a toilet vandal, do they? But you’ll know they’ve been there when you find toilet paper strewn about with gay abandon, sus stains on the toilet and toilet rolls that are never, ever replaced.


Do you work with animals? Sometimes it feels like it.

8. The borrower.

You know – the one that always asks to borrow a pen. From your personal stash. And then proceeds to chew on it. If you have a borrower in the office, you’ll find stuff disappearing from your desk all day, erry day. Staplers? Gone. Scissors? Gone. Post-It notes? Gone gone gone.

They have the best of intentions – but never quote manage to return all the items they’ve “borrowed”.

The. Worst.

Of course, I’ve barely touched the surface here – part of the fun of #officelife is that you spend 40-plus hours a week with people who constantly find fresh new ways to irritate you.

Just breathe, people. Just breathe.

What do you think is the most annoying thing a colleague can do?

Let’s face it – we’ve all got our own Patrice at work…

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