"What am I looking at?" Madonna posts a nude selfie that leaves fans very confused.

Madonna is a woman of many talents. Singer, actor, trend-setter, conversation starter are just some of the hats she wears.

Now, the pop icon can add optical illusionist to the list, thanks to a recent nude selfie.

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When the 58-year-old posted two images of herself, including a photo of her naked torso, to Instagram on Sunday, she sent fans into a flurry.

While most followers were either focused on her “grills” in the first image or commenting on how her body looked, there were others who, like us, were just plain confused by the image.

Take a look:

What am I looking at? (Image via Instagram/madonna.)

The photo prompted we in the Mamamia office to ask 'which way is she facing?' and, 'is that her stomach or her back?'.

It also took some us a long while to comprehend the fact that Madonna does not have two butts - even though it very much looks this way at first glance.

We weren't the only one's confused, with commenters asking,"What am I looking at?" and "What's the second picture of?"

And then one fan explained it perfectly: "The picture is upside down".

Yep, turning our phones around confirms that Madonna's out-of-frame head is facing the left-hand corner and what first looked like the beginnings of her butt cheeks are actually the underside of her boobs.

Now we can't help but think how masterful a photographer the mum-of-six would be if she'd taken the selfie that way intentionally...

How do you find the perfect angle to take a photo from?