Love Island fans noticed something frustratingly familiar about Eden's "proposal" to Erin.

Settle in, folks. We have a villa-based scandal on our hands.

You see, on Monday night’s episode of Love Island Eden “proposed” Erin.

By “proposed” we mean he asked her to be his girlfriend after approximately five weeks of already being his girlfriend  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Erin was led to the place where she first met Eden… five weeks ago… by reading aloud signs that each of the boiz were holding.

There she was met by Eden who was holding a pumpkin pie.

He told her he “loves her with all his heart” and asked her to be his girlfriend.

Eden then gave Erin an eternity bracelet with their shared initial ‘E’ on it.

Anywho, it turns out Eden’s pumpkin pie-themed proposal looked a lil’ bit familiar to a lot of viewers.

You see, on the last season of the UK’s version of Love Island, an islander called Kem proposed to his villa girlfriend, Amber, in a very similar fashion.

For his proposal, Kem sent Amber a series of texts via the phones given to the islanders.

Kem then asked Amber to be his girlfriend while the rest of the islanders looked on from the balcony.

He then gave her an eternity bracelet – you guessed it – with their initials on it.







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