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DMs, strategic breakups and... butts: All the Love Island Australia behind-the-scenes gossip in one place.

The latest season of Love Island Australia has well and truly kicked off. 

Just nine episodes deep, and the contestants who are on their quest for love have been bombarded by surprise intruders, fake sobbing and departures from Islanders they truly thought would go all the way to the end. 

But alas, the drama is juicy this season, so we're here to fill you in on all the behind-the-scenes gossip. 

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Here's the drama you may have definitely missed going on behind-the-scenes of Love Island Australia. 

One Tiktok video has earned Mitch Hibberd the 'F**kboy of Melbourne' title. 

We've all come across a guy like Mitch before: Good-looking, but sadly, a bit generic in the chat department during dating app exchanges. 

While he's definitely the girls' favourite on Love Island Australia, a recent viral TikTok has exposed Mitch's dull (AND one-sided) chat with a Tinder match from all the way back in 2017... And it isn't pretty ladies and gents. 

Annie Knight, a woman from Melbourne, shared her personal conversation with Mitch, spanning over 15 months. 

On several occasions, the reality TV star sent her a message saying "Hey! How are you?" or "What have you been up to?"

Image: Annie Knight.  


In comparison to Mitch, Annie only responded twice his ten messages. 

"Other people tell me that they’ve received DMs from him as well and he’s very well known in Melbourne for DMing everyone," she shared.

"A lot of my friends have received DMs from him."

Ryan Reid's claims he has slept with 500 women, and the public aren't buying it. 

A few weeks ago, fellow Love Island Australia contestant Ryan Reid claimed he had slept with around 500 people... Which the entirety of the show's following vehemently disagrees with. 

A source told the So Dramatic podcast that Ryan's admission was simply just not true. 


“He’s from my hometown. Absolutely has not slept with that many girls." the insider said. "No one even thought he was good looking until like the last two years and even then he’s really not a popular guy at all!”

The source went on to add: "He’s not as well-travelled as he makes out" - meaning his excuse of travelling being the reason he slept with so many women, doesn't exactly add up.

However, another insider told the podcast that he actually is a major player in their hometown. 

"I know at least 30 girls he got with that are my mates," they said. "He’s not loyal at all. He’s a player."

Racheal Evren left Love Island and went straight on to TikTok to spill the tea. 

Rachael is the latest contestant to leave the Channel 9 program, after getting the lowest amount of votes along with Lexy Thornberry. 

She was sent home, and her 'partner' Chris Graudins  had an emotional breakdown over the thought of losing her. 

He didn't leave though, despite her asking. 

When asked how she felt about his decision to stay, Rachael told The Wash: "It was about 50/50 to be honest, from what he’s told me he’s as certain on me as I am on him. But I know that being on Love Island is a once in a lifetime experience and he would want to absorb that as much as he can."


Next thing we know... Chris was kissing the newcomer Zoe a little over 15 hours after Rachael left. 

She went on to explain she believes Chris' game the entire time was a well-played strategy.

"It was very strategic. I did see that side in the villa, that’s what we would argue about," she said. "I would say that I thought he was playing me very strategically and he would just say it was my trusts issues or I was being insecure. But then we re-coupled, I got dumped and the next day he’s kissing the new girl. It’s all very strategic to me."

She took to TikTok though, telling followers that while she felt every single person competing on Love Island are kind, she wasn't convinced every connection was "genuine". 

When one fan commented about her 'partner' moving on quickly, Rachael made a reference to hers and Chirs' Harry Potter connection, writing: "-10 points from Gryffindor."

She went on to say: "I think it's really funny everyone is calling me a pick-me girl, because I am still waiting to get picked."

"I do not believe what you are being shown on national television is a true reflection of the Islanders themselves," she added. "The team that are working on Love Island are incredible, but you are literally seeing 2.5 per cent of these people."


"So please be kind because you don't actually know them, believe it or not."

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Ari Kumar responded to comments about her body by saying: "I paid for it."

Fan favourite Ari Kumar has let it be no secret that she has spent some serious cash to transform her body. 

Within minutes of introducing herself to Love Island Australia watchers, she mentioned her Brazilian Butt Lift. 

"I think I have an amazing booty because I paid for it – and it’s okay, you can pay for the things that you want. I love attention, I love it when people stare at me and compliment me," Kumar said.

Now that we have all the gossip covered, let us know who your favourite couple in the villa is, down in the comments below. 

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