Australia just witnessed the biggest d*ck move in reality TV history.



No thank you, please.

It’s time to put Grant Crapp in the bin.

He’s just out-Crapped himself.

In case you missed it, last week Sophie Monk gathered together some of the country’s most beautiful/most dense people in a villa far, far away from here.

Once they arrived at said villa they decided whether their type was “blonde” or “brunette” or just “good lookin’ people aye” and then they did the banter.

They coupled up and all was calm in the land ruled by hair colour, until one of the brunettes (Grant) decided he didn’t like the blonde he was with (Cassidy) and that he much preferred the resident brunette (Tayla).

So, Grant and Tayla re-coupled and all the blondes in the villa judged them and their shady brunette ways.

Then on Tuesday night’s episode Grant brought shame to brunettes everywhere.

Sophie Monk (the Queen of the blondes) put together a game of Pashtag for the contestants… which they all ran to.

love island australia 2018 grant cassidy

Basically, all the guys in the villa had to line up, wearing blindfolds, and the girls had to go along the line and kiss each of them.

The guys would then rate the girls on their kisses... without knowing their hair colour.

It's a pretty harmless game if you get everyone to sign consent forms/ have a large legal department.

Anywho, when it came to Cassidy's turn she kissed all the blokes with her lips and then kissed Grant with her hand.

All the other boiz rated her highly and then Grant said...

"Hashtag been there, done that. I give her one out of ten."

love island australia 2018 grant cassidy


He said that.

Even Justin the international model was offended... when he stopped looking at himself in the mirror.

Cassidy cried, Tayla said Grant was in the "dog box", and Grant struggled to understand what he did wrong cause he was just tryin' to have a laugh, aye.

love island australia 2018 grant cassidy

"I just think with everything that went down it was probably a bit sh*t what you did," Tayla said.

"It made me think about how quickly you could turn on me."

Worried that his relationship with a brunette was in jeopardy, Grant went and chatted to the blonde he had just offended.

"I did not mean to be a f*cking idiot," he said to Cassidy.

"I think you're a disrespectful d*ck because of how quickly you moved into things. I feel like you played me for a fool and everything you said to me was a load of sh*t," Cassidy replied.

"It just really shows that I did dodge a bullet."

"I'm a d*ckhead," Grant said... which is possibly the truest thing ever uttered on Australian TV.

So yeah, get in the bin, Grant.