A Love Island contestant blindsided everyone. Then giggled in their faces like a smug yogi.

Pour yourself a mango daiquiri and get comfortable pls.

The beautiful people in Sophie Monk’s sex villa just served us up a plot twist we didn’t see coming.

You see, on Monday night’s episode Cassidy chose to take Grant hostage recouple with Grant.

Yep, the same Grant who unceremoniously dumped her earlier in the season during a very Dean and Davina-esque villa-based betrayal.

Anywho, Cassidy thought Grant was doin’ a sabotage of her, erm, non-existent relationship with Dom, so she decided the best way to get back at him would be to spend a lot of time with him ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

love island australia 2018 cassidy and grant

The villa was divided.

Giant inflatable flamingo-themed battle lines were drawn.

Although Cassidy was most definitely keeping Grant in her basement against his will, both Grant and Tayla were certain they weren't going to let the situation affect them and their very serious two week relationship.

Then it happened.

The islanders got a text telling them they had to play a game of couple's yoga.


So, Cassidy let Grant out of the basement and they started to do some downward facing dogs together. It seems like while performing a sex villa-themed version of the kama sutra they started to... get along.

Yep, they did the giggles and the bants.

They touched feet.

They pointed their bits towards each other.

They put their bits on each other's heads.

They touched butts.

love island australia 2018 cassidy and grant
No, seriously. I'm scared.

It was all very sexual and very... unexpected.

And most importantly, it royally p*ssed off Tayla.

It seems like we might have underestimated Cassidy and her evil little plan.

Maybe revenge is a dish best served cold... in a sex villa... during a weirdly sexual version of what us mere mortals call yoga  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Until tomorrow night...