The 'long bob theory' that explains why everyone you know is cutting their hair.

Is it just me, or is everyone cutting off their hair right now?

Over the last three weeks, three of my colleagues have cut off their long hair out of the blue.

Lobs (long bobs) and bobs are everywhere. On Instagram and red carpets. Walking down the street. In the office. At the gym, presumably.

On Sylvia Jeffreys, Jesinta Franklin, Bella Hadid, Selena Gomez,Jenna Dewan, Margot Robbie, Georgia Love, Emilia Clarke, and all the Kardashians.

Bella Hadid. Image: Getty.
Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian. Image: Instagram.
Jesinta Franklin. Image: Instagram.
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Emilia Clarke lob hairstyle inspiration
Emilia Clarke. Image: Getty.
Olivia Munn lob hairstyle inspiration
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Kim Kardashian lob hair inspiration
Kim Kardashian. Image: Getty.
Selena Gomez lob hair inspiration
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Jennifer Lopez. Image: Getty.

Because nothing, nothing, happens by chance, I have a theory which explains why everyone you know is getting their hair cut off.

Why you, who was just complaining about how long it's taken for your last bob to grow out, is seriously considering going to the hairdressers and asking for a lob.

To see if I'm just crazy or this bob/lob phenomenon is really a thing, I ran my theory past a hairdresser who's in the trenches.

"Now that balayage and ombre colours are out, celebrities and models are finally able to cut off their hair," Alexander Fuchs from Fuchs Hair in Sydney told me as if this was common knowledge.

OK, fair point Alexander. But that still doesn't fully explain why the common people like you and I are gagging to cut our hair.

Side note - here are five other ways to life your hair game. Post continues after video.

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So I asked my boyfriend for a logical, outsider's perspective.

"Summer's coming up, short hair feels better in summer," he said very matter of factly.

Also true. But still.

Here's my theory.

In all the conversations I've had with friends and the women I work with about getting a short hairstyle, one theme just keeps coming up.

At a time when there's so much going on in the world and we've never been busier, everyone just wants something... simple.

Easy. No fuss. Effortless. Wash and wear. Out the door in 15 minutes.

Everything feels like a mess right now. Politics. The environment. Goddamn celebrity break ups. It's all very stressful. And the universe appears to be moving particularly... fast.

The lob, you see, is conveniently stress-free.

Getting a lob or bob means one less thing to worry about when you wake up in the morning.

Mystery solved.

Are you desperate to cut your hair now too? Tell us in the comments.

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