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'I'm a lollipop lady. Here's a breakdown of how much I actually earn in a week.'

In just 15 minutes, Chloe Taouk earned $148 working as a lollipop lady. 

The TikTok user recently shared a video explaining how much she makes a day working as a traffic controller in Sydney. 

Within a six-day week, Chloe, who's been working as a traffic controller for 10 months, earned herself a whopping $2,949 for 58 hours of work. 


We need a pay rise ##trafficcontrol

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On Monday, she raked in $496 for her 12-hour shift, before earning $409.45 for her 10-hour shift on Tuesday. 

On Wednesday it was even more, $611.50 for 14 hours. 

But Sunday saw her earn the most, with Chloe pocketing a sweet $717.40 for 12.5 hours of work.

After sharing the video on TikTok, with the caption "we need a pay rise", it's fair to say Chloe received some mixed responses. 

"Over paid for doing nothing," one person commented. 

"Your take home pay on an average day is my whole week... and a lot of people make way less. I’m not against you getting a pay rise, but perspective," said another. 

Speaking to Mamamia, Chloe said she knew she'd receive interesting comments thanks to her "controversial" caption but was glad to see others come to her support. 

"Traffic control ain’t no easy job. Standing in sun and rain all day ain’t easy. Plus, trying to deal with traffic is hectic," one person commented. 

"As good as the pay is, I couldn’t stand there for 12 hours a day doing nothing, that’s a hard job in my books," said another. 

Chloe also explained that the TikTok video showed how much she earns during a particularly busy week of work and that she's not always rostered on for the same amount of hours. 

"Traffic controlling has positive and negative aspects just like any other job and it can be hard to get rostered on for that many hours every week," she explained. 

"The TikTok highlighted one of my busiest weeks as not every week is the same and compared to other weeks where I’ve only had one shift due to weather." 


Chloe first got into into traffic controlling to earn money while she was studying at university. 

"I thought it would be a good way to both study and make money at the same time as the hours were so flexible and I had heard that it could pay really good."

But despite the earnings, she wouldn't stay in the job forever as there are certain risks that come with working on the road.  

"I definitely wouldn’t recommend it as a lifetime career as it can be a dangerous and boring job."

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