When Denise Drysdale had a "Cinderella moment" at the Logies, Hamish and Andy came to her rescue.


Not all heroes wear capes.

Some of them dress up in silly costumes and say funny stuff on the radio.

You see, Hamish and Andy had to do a lil’ bit of rescuing at Sunday night’s Logies.

As the comedian duo explained on the Today Show this morning, they had to step in when Denise Drysdale’s stiletto became stuck in the patio floorboards.

“We had our special entertainment moment with Denise Drysdale, of course showbiz royalty,” Hamish explained to the hosts.

“After we did the red carpet… there’s a patio we all stood on, like a veranda, and her stiletto got caught between the plank, so she was trapped.”

“She’s royalty, so I had to do this. I went down and undid her shoe so she could get out,” he continued.

“I was like a firefighter. I got the stiletto out and she put it back on and said, ‘Thanks so much,’ then turned around and took a step and said, ‘I’ve bloody done it again’. We got it out again and then from there tippy toes, tippy toes, tippy toes to get back inside.”

logies 2018 hamish and andy
The heroic moment was caught on film. Image: Channel Nine.

Andy then explained that Drysdale spoke to the security guards on her way back into the building.

"Tippy toes, tippy toes straight to security to complain about how difficult the floor boarding was," he laughed.

"When we're back next year, those cracks will be sealed, Denise has spoken," Hamish added.

The TV personalities also had to do a bit of, erm, damage control later in the night.

You see, while addressing Gold Logie nominee Tracy Grimshaw during his opening monologue, Dave Hughes brought up her controversial interview with Don Burke.

“And also her Don Burke interview has been nominated as well. That was amazing. We have a lot of revelations from that. We got the revelation that Don apparently has Aspergers. No one knew about that… including his doctor.” 

He then did a very Hughesy thing and said, “No, I love Don Burke”, before correcting himself and adding, “don’t love everything about him. Alright?” 

Later, when Hamish and Andy came on stage to present an award, they, erm, apologised for the comedian.

“We did just have a chat to Hughesy out the back. He would like us to clear up one little detail… he does not love Don Burke.

“In fact, I don’t know if we have got any of the cricket instant replay here. But I think he said it four times. The old ‘I’m Hughesy and I will say I love the person I’m having a go at’, it has never backfired before and it did in that instance.”