There's a familiar face missing from the Logies tonight, and we have theories why.

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Not to alarm anyone, but the 2018 Logie Awards is facing a missing persons crisis.

Again, no one panic, but… Bec Judd is nowhere to be seen.

We repeat. Bec Judd is not at the 2018 Logies.

As in, the same Bec Judd who is at the Aussie TV awards show every year, rain, hail or shine in a very fashionable red carpet dress.

In fact, the 35-year-old hasn’t missed a Logies since she first hit the red carpet in 2011.

This year, however, the Channel Nine TV presenter was nowhere to be seen on the Logies red carpet at the Gold Coast’s The Star.

We wanted to do our part to help the search, so we put together a list of reasons why Bec skipped the Logies this year to help detectives solve the case:

It’s… on the Gold Coast.

Bec’s a Melbourne girl through and through.

Maybe the thought of making the trip to the Gold Coast with four kids in tow was just too much.

She’s on holiday.


Got the boardies memo @skwoshclub

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This might be the most legitimate reason why Bec isn’t at the 2018 Logies.

From her Instagram account, it would appear Bec and her family are or recently were on a family holiday.

Maybe the mum-of-four was so engrossed in her poolside reading, she forgot to organise her Logies dress.

It’s cold.

We get it.

Dragging yourself out of your trackies to put on a dress with little wind coverage is especially difficult in winter.

No judgement, Bec.

The fact still remains, there is no Bec on the red carpet tonight. All we have are photos from her glorious past Logies looks.

Bec's 2017 Logies look.
Here she is in 2016.
She looked stunning in 2015.
Bec's 2014 Logies outfit.
Dressed in white in 2013.
And again in 2012.
Bec was pregnant on her very first Logies red carpet in 2011. Images: Getty.

You were missed tonight, Bec!

Which is your favourite of Bec Judd's Logies red carpet looks? Tell us in the comments!