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Hiking, hiking and more hiking: What Locky and Irena's life is like post Bachelor.

Remember the good old Bachelor days, when the show gave us people we really invested in. 

The season finale would end, and we'd jump straight on to Instagram to swoon over the winning couple's lovey-dovey posts and spend the next six years periodically checking back in to see what's happening with their relationship and kids. 

Then 2020 gave us Locky and love in lockdown, and it was all a little... different. 

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Don't get me wrong — I'm still heavily invested. 

But this time, it's for different reasons. It's because final couple Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska's post-show relationship resembles my own personal hell.

Let me tell you, if I spent weeks fighting against 24 girls for the affections of one man and the reward was being dragged along on week-long hikes packaged as "adventures", I'd want my money back.

Me when I realise the skydiving isn't a one-off. Image: Giphy. 


Now, let me explain. 

Locky Gilbert, the 2020 Bachelor, is a self-proclaimed "adventurer". It says so in the first line of his Instagram bio.

It was cute at first. The outdoorsy puns and Locky's desire to find a similarly inclined woman to live his "wild" life with. It was so central to his search for love that it even fuelled one of the season's biggest scandals.


You may remember the drama that ensued when fellow contestant (and eventual runner-up) Bella Varelis accused Irena of faking her love of bush walking.

Yes. This was an issue. A big one. Bella spent many a night putting the clues together. 

Hiking boots? Never seen em. Motorbikes? Have not come up in conversation once. 



In Bella's mind, there was only one reasonable conclusion: Irena was not the most outdoorsy of them all.

When her theories first aired, we were all a little confused. 

Yeah, Locky loves Bali, and he was on Survivor that one time, but Irena didn't have to be bushwalking's number-one fan to find love with him right?

Wrong. Oh how wrong we were.

Life post-Bachelor for Irena is exactly what happens when you tell the rock-climber on your first date, "yeah, I used to rock climb all the time!", when you're really thinking about that phase in Year 7 when three people had rock-climbing birthday parties and you made it one metre off the ground. 

Next minute, you find yourself hanging off a 50m cliff face, reminding yourself how little white lies lead down a slippery slope — literally. 

See, Irena's taste of "adventure" on the show was on one of her final dates with Locky, which didn't seem so bad. A nice roomy caravan and a TV-ready setup that was likely minutes from the closest bathroom. 


Now, without producers and Channel 10's budget, it's more a case of this...

This does not look like the face of a woman who loves hiking. Image: Instagram 


To save you the time of flicking through a copious number of outdoorsy pics where Irena is almost never facing the camera (body double?), and reading long captions about love (oh, and this amazing drone!!!), we thought we'd just compile everything Locky and Irena have been up to since the finale ended.

It all started with their first hike together in the #greatoutdoors because a sponsor paid them to how romantic.


Next up was the 600km, three-day motorbike ride.

Okay but... Who is taking these photos?  


Either this is a #fakeirena situation or she is not having a good time. WHY HAVEN'T WE SEEN HER FACE??? 


As one commenter said it best: "OMG!!! Give her a break will you. I know she said she likes outdoor activities but not every day. Try some romantic retreat from the start."

Irena has apparently been enjoying her time, though. We've seen two outdoorsy posts from her, with one even being somewhat of an ode to nature and "the simple things in life".

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Finally got this guy all to myself @locklangilbert ❤️

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In all seriousness, the pair have now relocated to Locky's hometown of Perth (Irena managed to get an exemption as she's moving state) where, after their two weeks lockdown (a break from the outdoors! Lucky girl), we can expect to see them on many more adventures. 

... Yay!

Feature Image: Instagram