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It's taken 10 days for the break up rumours between The Bachelor's Locky and Irena to start.

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It took *checks calendar* precisely ten days for rumours to spread that The Bachelor's Lock Gilbert and his winner Irena Srbinovska have split. 

Is there credence to the gossip? Absolutely not, Gilbert has assured fans. 

In a recent Instagram post, in which the 31-year-old was promoting apartments in Perth, a follower questioned if he was still with Irena, also 31. 

“Somethings [sic] not right! Can’t tag Irena, I hope you 2 are okay?“, said a follower.

Yes. The rumours were merely because he didn't tag Irena, despite the fact Irena... wasn't even in the photo

Locky's response? "We are better than ever."

 Irena added: "Happy to report that we are still very much in love and together."

Locky adresses breakup rumours on his Instagram. Image: Instagram.


Reality TV website The Wash later clarified that Irena's privacy settings are on the highest level, meaning she can't be tagged in posts. 

Since Locky and Irena announced they're officially dating, they have been sharing plenty of loved-up photos to Instagram and Locky has called Irena his "future wife, baby mumma and best friend".

"I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you," Locky wrote.

"Here is to one crazy adventure and so so many more with you babe."


The couple have also addressed the awkwardness of Locky telling the runner-up, Bella Varelis, that he was also in love with her. 

"Locky and I actually discussed the finale right after we finished filming. I have had a bit of time to process it all," Irena told Mamamia's daily entertainment podcast, The Spill, after the finale aired.

"Obviously you don't want to see the guy you're in love with tell another woman that he's in love with her but we've had some time to process it and talk about it," the 31-year-old added.

"Locky was just being real and honest with his emotions and I can't fault him for that."

WATCH: Locky Gilbert picks Irena Srbinovska on The Bachelor 2020. Post continues below.

Video via Channel 10.

Unlike Bachelor couples before them, the pair were separated after filming the finale due to COVID-19 restrictions.

"We were apart for a couple of months and it's been difficult but that's obviously the situation with border restrictions and COVID," Irena told Mamamia.


"We've done the best that we can, we've been on the phone non-stop, video calls, texting. I think we've come out of it stronger."

Now, the couple are hiking around New South Wales before they relocate to Locky's hometown of Perth. Yes - Irena is moving to Perth, where she will continue her work as a nurse.

TL;DR? Locky and Irena are together. 

Feature image: Channel 10. 

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