Our lives have been changed forever by this sushi hack.

Every time we learn about a new sushi hack, it never fails to astound us. There’s seriously nothing the Japanese haven’t thought of to make eating sushi just that little bit easier.

The latest comes from KIIS FM radio hosts Will and Woody, lovers of all things wrapped in rice, who have discovered the plastic tail on the end of the soy sauce containers – you know, those little fish-shaped takeaway sachets – can actually be used to spread wasabi on your sushi. Mind. Blown.

After discovering this, our friends-in-sushi-eating generously decided to share this newfound knowledge with the world via a video, just because they’re thoughtful like that.

“So, for a long time, people have been wondering why your soy sauce comes in a fish. I think I just figured out why…” explains Will, while giving us a step-by-step lesson.

“The bottom is actually used as a perfect spade to apply wasabi to the roll.”

This is the best thing we’ve heard since we discovered the wooden tab at the end of our chopsticks can be used to rest them on when we’re not using them.

Eating sushi just got a whole lot easier... Image: Getty Images.

While we're on the topic, not nearly enough credit goes out to those fish-shaped containers. For one, they come with a lid so you can keep your unused soy sauce for later. They also have a no-drip nozzle, which means even the most uncoordinated among us won't make a mess of it. (Although, if there's a way...) And now this. An in-built spatula for our wasabi.

So, the next time you find yourself eating takeaway sushi, make sure you stop and say a silent prayer of thanks for the innovative geniuses who created these hacks. Whatever will we find out next.

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