CULT BUY: Exactly where to buy the mesmerising earrings Lisa Wilkinson wore on The Project.

Gee, Lisa Wilkinson is having a fashion moment, isn’t she?

To be fair, The Project co-host has been having one for at least the last year. A quick scroll through her Instagram account is proof enough.

Essentially, we want everything she wears, puts on her face and spritzes (FYI – you can buy Lisa’s perfume and the cheaper dupe right here).

This umbrella also covers jewellery, and one particular pair of sparkly earrings caught our eye on our TV screens this week.

It appears they caught yours too. So much so, Lisa shared exactly where you can get your hands on the earrings she wore on Tuesday night’s episode of The Project in an Instagram post.



“A bunch of requests for info on last night’s earrings on @theprojecttv. They’re by @roxanneassoulin,” she said.

“And no, you weren’t imagining it, they are different colours!”

To be specific, the earrings in question are the Hip-Hop but Not Earrings from New York-based designer Roxanne Assoulin.


These Swarovski crystal clip earrings with satin gold and silver plating come in several colours: Tanzanite/Sunflower (cobalt blue and yellow), Aqua/Violet (light blue and purple), Peridot/Passion Fruit (green and ruby red), Astral Pink/Topaz (pink and gold).

lisa wilkinson earrings
lisa wilkinson earrings
lisa wilkinson earrings
Peridot/Passion Fruit.
lisa wilkinson earrings
Astral Pink/Topaz.
lisa wilkinson earrings
Mismatched Aqua/Violet and Peridot/Passion Fruit.
lisa wilkinson earrings
Mismatched Tanzanite/Sunflower and Astral Pink/Topaz (Lisa's pair). Images: Roxanne Assoulin.

They also come as mismatched pairs - Lisa's are Mismatched Tanzanite/Sunflower and Aqua/Violet.

Retailing for $162 AU, they aren't cheap. If you're looking for an investment piece, however, these would be a lovely choice. If it helps, Gigi Hadid owns a pair too.

Of course, that might not help in the slightest - below are some same-same but different alternatives at cheaper price points.


Reliquia Jewellery Mini Keshi Pearl Earrings, $179

Reliquia Jewellery Mini Keshi Pearl Earrings
Image: The ICONIC.

Lovisa Mutli Stone Drop Earring, $19.99

Lovisa Mutli Stone Drop Earring

Lady Fox Princess Earrings, $75

Lady Fox Princess Earrings
Image: the ICONIC.

Swarovski Galet Pierced Earrings, $119

Swarovski Galet Pierced Earrings
Image: Swarovski.

Izoa Pear drop Earrings, $49

Izoa Pear drop Earrings
Image: The ICONIC.

What's your favourite Lisa Wilkinson fashion moment? Tell us in the comments?

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