The obscure perfume that earns Lisa Wilkinson many, many compliments.

Nearly everyone who meets Lisa Wilkinson has just one question on their mind when they leave – what is the perfume she wears?

It might sound trivial, but it’s 100 per cent true.

I know one person (who shan’t be named) who was too nervous to ask Wilkinson herself, so instead chased down another woman she smelt it on a few weeks later to find out what the fragrance was called.

Image: Instagram/Lisa Wilkinson

Thankfully, there's no need for you to do the same.

On a visit to the Mamamia office this afternoon, the Today Show host kindly divulged the name of her favourite scent.

Interestingly, she also got onto it after smelling it on someone else.

"I discovered it about two years ago, it's by Le Labo and it's their bestseller - it's called Santal 33," she said during our Facebook Live.

"I smelt it on another woman that I was having a meeting with and then [I noticed it when] I leant in to say goodbye and that's great thing about this fragrance... you can't smell it until you get a little bit closer."

But it's not just women who can't get enough.

"I know guys that have smelt it on me and gone out about bought it. Everyone who ever smells it says 'I want that'," she said.

Be warned - it doesn't come cheap through. It will set you back $264 for the 50ml and $389 for 100ml.

However the compliments speak for themselves.

A cult indie brand from Nolita, New York, Le Labo is only available in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica.

Selling a collection of personal, body and home fragrances, each fragrance is manufactured by hand and every bottle features a customised label.

Fun fact: the number beside the name of the scent represents the number of notes used to create that particular blend.

Now the secret is out, you can bet the shelves won't stay stocked for long. To Mecca we go...

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