Bachelor In Paradise's Lisa just issued a blistering message for Luke.

Lisa Hyde and Luke McLeod have announced they have broken up, despite the fact they left Bachelor in Paradise on Monday night to “pursue their relationship in the outside world”.

In an interview with, Hyde says “trust” was broken in their relationship in the months after paradise.

“Since the show, we did date for a few months but we have recently broken up for a certain reason,” she said. “If a trust is broken within a relationship it’s really hard to go back from that. I want him to be a man and own up to what he did.”

“I thought we were going well … unfortunately that’s not the case.”


When asked for comment on exactly why their relationship broke down, McLeod was vague.

“We had a lot of pressure on ourselves. It’s this weird situation … [We] can’t be in a normal relationship. Because you have to be in this secretive relationship — if people see you together and you’re out then that’s the show gone. It was a tough space and difficult to deal with.

“There’s two sides to the story and all that. I’m disappointed it didn’t work out. I genuinely want all the best [for her].”

Posting on Instagram on Friday, McLeod hinted all was not well between the two after their time on the show, writing no one “is perfect”.

“Everybody deserves a second chance. None of us are perfect. We all stuff up at some point. I know I certainly have. It’s how we act and respond when we do is what matters. And rather than pushing to make something work, accept that maybe things just aren’t meant to be.”

Naturally, the two do not follow each other on Instagram.

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