The actual reason Luke and Lisa left Bachelor In Paradise tonight.

Yes, hello!

It’s that time of week where we throw our brains to the side and invest our emotions fully into reality TV stars like we don’t have dignity, hobbies or responsibilities.

What a time, what pride.

This week, many of us had uno bone to le pick: The exit of Luke and Lisa and the muchos confusing nature of their… well, exit.

Sentiment was much like this:

Because here’s the thing, if you can just LEAVE as a means of making your relationship work, what exactly… what exactly is the point of the show?

It turns out, that wasn’t the reason for them leaving at all.

In her first post about the show on Instagram since it aired, Lisa said she was “confused” by the editing.

“Confused? Me too. Just to clear up I left the show as I had a work opportunity come through and I needed to get back home,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Luke was very aware and it was completely up to him if he wanted to leave with me. As lovely as it sounds to be lazing around everyday with a cocktail in hand, sometimes business calls. I had genuine intentions going into paradise to put myself out there with an open heart and hopefully meet someone special. From here on in, what is meant to be will be! Thanks for the mango daiquiri’s Wais.

“Oh and thanks for all the lovely messages over the past few weeks, I do read them all.”

What? She’s telling us we only see what the producers want us to see?


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