We're calling it: Bachelor in Paradise's Luke and Lisa aren't together anymore.

It all started with an Instagram post.

Luke Mcleod, quiet star of Bachelor in Paradise and supposed boyfriend of Lisa Hyde, uploaded a photo of the two in Fiji.

“However this crazy journey ends up, know that I think you’re a special person,” he wrote beside of a photo of the two.


We’d just like to point out that sounds A LOT like a comment someone would make after a break up. You know, someone who is extending a very public olive brunch. Someone who seemed a little hesitant when Lisa suggested he leave on tonight’s episode.

Jump into the comments section of the story and this is where things get intttteeeereeesssting.

You see, dedicated fans have pointed out that Luke doesn’t actually follow Lisa on Instagram. And she doesn’t follow him. And in a modern day world of Instagram-obsessed adults, this isn’t a thing that happens between people who LOVE each other. No, this isn’t a thing at all.

Add that fact on a story published last Tuesday in Woman’s Day – sounds shaky, but they have screenshots – of Luke cheating on Lisa and suddenly we have a big break up on our hands and why do we even care this much?

“Apparently Luke slept around on Lisa and she found out,” a source told Woman’s Day.

In screenshots of what they claim to be a group chat between the Bachelor in Paradise contestants, Luke appears to apologise for his actions:

“I know I stuffed up guys and I don’t know how many times I can say sorry. There’s always two sides to the story. I am taking responsibility for my actions and not pretending to be anyone. Please don’t drag the others into this Lisa,” he wrote.

Oh, and dig a bit further into Lisa’s Instagram account and she spent the last couple of weeks in London and Paris which is exactly the kind of thing you do when you’re mourning a break up while it airs on television.

Case closed, game over.

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