"I still love them." In 2014, Azaria Chamberlain's half-sister began campaigning for dingoes.


In 1980, Lindy Chamberlain and her husband Michael took their three children on a camping trip to Uluru.

As nine-week-old baby Azaria slept in a tent alongside her older brother Reagan, a dingo entered the tent and took Azaria.

The baby’s body was never found.

From the very beginning, Lindy was adamant that a dingo had taken her little girl.

The jumpsuit Azaria had been wearing at the time of her disappearance was even discovered 4000 metres from the tent where she was sleeping.

But despite her pleas, Lindy, who was eight months pregnant at the time with her daughter Kahlia, was sentenced to life behind bars in 1982 after being found guilty of Azaria’s murder.

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Speaking on Anh’s Brush with Fame last week, Lindy, now 71, relived the moment that her mother was forced to tell her two sons, Aidan and Reagan, that their mother was being sent to prison.

“Mum had to tell them (Aidan and Reagan) that they’d sent me to prison which haunted her until the day she died,” Chamberlain said on the ABC program.


“She said it was the worst thing she ever had to do was tell them when they woke up in the morning,” she added.

“She’d never heard a noise come out of a kid like that in her life before and never wanted to hear it again.”

Three years after her arrest, however, new evidence was found.

kate mccann lindy chamberlain
Lindy Chamberlain with her nine-week-old daughter Azaria. Image: Twitter.

In early 1986, a matinee jacket worn by baby Azaria was found partially buried next to a dingo lair near Uluru.


Just five days later, Lindy was released from prison.

Over the next few decades, there were four inquests and a government inquiry into Azaria Chamberlain's death.

It wasn't until 2012 that Lindy was finally exonerated from the crime.

Lindy and Michael Chamberlain ended their marriage in 1991, with both Lindy and Michael going on to remarry new partners.

Lindy, who is now known as Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton, married Rick Creighton in 1992 , while Michael, who has since passed away, married Ingrid Bergner in 1994 and had one child together.

Michael and Lindy Chamberlain with their three children. Image: Getty.

Now, nearly 40 years on from the death of Azaria, Lindy and her three children – Aidan, Reagan and Kahlia – largely remain out of the spotlight.

But back in 2014, Michael and Ingrid's daughter Zahra Chamberlain, who is Azaria's half-sister, opened up to the media.

Although Zahra never knew her half-sister, her death made a huge mark on her life.

In fact, after seeing a story on The Project about farmers using donkeys to control dingoes, Zahra campaigned for dingoes.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail, the then-18-year-old explained that she wanted to use her profile to educate people about the native dogs and help raise money and awareness for a dingo sanctuary on the Sunshine Coast.

"We're past all that terrible negative history," Zahra said at the time.

"Given my family's past, I still love dingoes as I do any other Australian wildlife."


In the interview, Zahra also explained how her work with dingoes had helped her father heal.

"Dad's pretty supportive, he's very proud that I'm doing this on my own and making an impact and doing something good for the environment," she explained.

"It has helped him to heal, to a degree.

"In the past, I wouldn't really talk about dingoes at all because it would hurt him or create an awkward atmosphere, but now I can talk about them because it's for a different reason I guess."

In 2014, Zahra launched a fundraising campaign to raise money to build more enclosures for dingoes.

It was also rumoured that she was training to become a dingo handler.

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