Dog owner shares harrowing Facebook warning after her greyhound narrowly escapes death.

A woman was forced to rush her greyhound to the vet earlier this week, after her dog ate meatballs laced with rat poison in a Sydney park.

Lily Kenny was walking her dog Lola in Lilyfield on Monday when her dog Lola stopped and ate something she found in the grass.

Posting to Facebook, Lily has now warned other Inner West dog owners of the spiked dog treats.

“Today something happened that I could never imagine happening,” she wrote.

“Lola ingested a large amount of rat poison that had been purposely planted in a local oval by some horrible person.

“Luckily I saw one of the pellets and was able to get her to the vet to get rid of the large amount she had already eaten,” she continued.

“It breaks my heart that people can be this horrible and heartless.”

After rushing Lola to the vet, where the rescue dog had to have her stomach pumped, Lily later returned to the park where she found dozens more of the baited balls of mince scattered across the park along the Bay Run at Lilyfield.

“Dog owners, please be aware of your dogs if you see them eating anything and check the surrounding areas if you do,” Lily wrote.

Speaking to 9NewsLily said that if she hadn’t of got Lola to the vet as quick as she did, the greyhound would have died.

“I thought this was a dog friendly area,” she told reporters.

“If I didn’t notice that little pellet, I would have had no idea.”

Inner West Mayor Darcy Byrne also spoke to 9News, saying, “We really are appalled there’s some deranged individual out there who thought it was a good idea to endanger dogs, children and families by doing something like this”.

dog bait
Lily found multiple laced meatballs in the Lilyfield park. Image: Facebook.

Unfortunately, this case isn't the first time poisoned dog treats have been planted in Australia.

Just last week, another dog died from internal bleeding. The dog is believed to have consumed rat poison at Pioneers Park in Leichhardt.

In April this year, a man found poisoned treats in his Stanmore backyard after a neighbour left angry notes on the dog owner's doorstep stating "shut your f***ing dogs up – or we will".

Back in February, a family dog reportedly died after eating a poisoned dog treat near Sydney's famous Bondi Beach.

In mid-2017, another dog died when meat laced with rat poison was dropped into a number of properties Canberra suburb Waramanga. Two other dogs fell ill in the attack.

The RSCPA urges anyone to contact them if they see or suspect dog baiting.