Attention humans: There is now a cafe full of greyhounds looking for their forever homes.

If you’ve ever wondered why your daily cuppa doesn’t come with a dose of pupper, we’ve got the perfect place for you.

A new cafe in Melbourne is giving busy commuters and shoppers a chance to bless a retired racing greyhound with a new, forever home.

That’s right, you can sit and order an Earl Grey and then chuck in an adorable, loving and gentle greyhound to go.

The Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) cafe officially opened its doors on Wednesday, and is part of the Victorian racing industry’s long-running re-homing initiative to give all retired racing dogs a new home once their running days are done.

Customers are able to pet, pat and yes, even boop the snoots, of dogs up for adoption both inside and outside the cafe.

Like this sweet, sweet angel:

greyhound cafe
Image via Greyhound Adoption Program.

Or this pair of very good dogs:

greyhound cafe
Image via Greyhound Adoption Program.

Or this friendly face, who is happy to watch and smile as you get your daily dose of caffeine:

greyhound cafe
Image via Greyhound Adoption Program.

Potential adopters can also peruse the selection of dogs available across the state on electronic tablets.

Diners (and even those who are just walking by and find themselves inexplicably gravitating towards the four-legged good boys and girls) can even bring their own dogs along for a puppuccino or doggy doughnut biscuit.

In the wake of the live-baiting scandal that rocked the sport in 2015, Victorian greyhounds are being adopted out at record levels with 2693 finding permanent homes over the 2016-17 financial year.

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But GAP cafe owner Alex Hooke hopes the idea will boost re-homing rates even further.

"It's just a great place to see greyhounds," he told AAP.

"Being on the fringe of the CBD in Melbourne with some speciality coffee, we'd like to think that that's a great combination for people around here.

"Hopefully, just being able to see these dogs up close, more people will fall in love with them and more of them will get adopted."


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