Lilly Sabri was planning her dream wedding when a podcast exposed her fiancé as a cheater.

On November 9, fitness influencer Lilly Sabri woke up to an influx of messages from her 900,000 Instagram followers.

But rather than responding to her workout videos or food recipes, these messages pointed to a podcast, which they were all pretty sure told a story of Sabri's fiancé cheating on her.

It began with an episode of The Girls Bathroom, a podcast where hosts Cinzia Baylis-Zullo and Sophia Tuxford discuss listener dilemmas. During the show, the women talked about an anonymous message they had received, asking for help about her friend who was in love with an 'engaged man'. 

Using fake names, the hosts said the best friend Sarah had met a newly engaged man, Brian, while he was on a week-long bucks trip sailing in Croatia.

After their initial encounter, they spent weeks travelling to multiple locations and stayed in various hotels.

When Sarah returned home to Australia, Brian had even flown out to see her.

Despite the fake names, listeners were quick to draw parallels between 'Brian' and Sabri's real-life fiancé Alex Tyrwhitt, especially thanks to details about their follower counts, the fact the couple lived in Dubai, shared multiple successful businesses and a dog.

Two weeks after the speculation began, Sabri, 33, shared a statement on Instagram confirming the story was about her and Tyrwhitt.

"I woke up to messages about a podcast episode discussing a relationship involving a newly engaged man, meeting a woman on his stag do, and the subsequent encounters. It's heartbreaking to confirm this is true, and discovering it in this way has been devastating," she wrote.

"Alex and I have broken up, and I need time to process what feels like an absolute whirlwind and what I can only describe as my world falling apart."


She went on to say she had a lot of additional content work commitments to fulfil before the end of the year, which had thankfully already been filmed and would continue to be uploaded by her team while she took some time away.

His Instagram page is now private.

Sabri and Tyrwhitt met at a fitness expo in 2017 and were engaged in July. They relocated to the United Arab Emirates together in 2018.

Feature image: Instagram @lillysabri.

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