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somanypups February 26, 2024

The phone bags are great too, provide protection for you phone and several have a little pocket for keys, credit cards etc 

somanypups February 6, 2024

Thanks for covering this, a real and impactful issue for those being stalked at their families. The structural and social barrier as outlined in the article require an overhaul. Great to hear about the pilot in Vic - however they also need to review the fact you need the perpetrators HOME ADDRESS to register a stalker beggars belief. This poor woman who was taken too soon. More needs to be done. 

somanypups February 5, 2024

Hilarious and love that you couldn’t help yourself by giving a number at the end 😂

somanypups February 1, 2024

I suspect this wouldn’t have happened to a man. This is akin to sexualisation of violence to females. Not to mention the objectification. Sigh!!!

somanypups January 28, 2024

This is awesome. Now I have to train the dogs to fill up their baskets .. 

somanypups January 11, 2024

Never ceases to amaze me how little empathy people have. It not as though the crying is deliberate as a weird sadistic kick. Part of being in society is accepting that sometimes how other people in our community are kind of annoying at times and instead of blaming them,  try and understand their situation and if we can do anything to help. 

somanypups January 10, 2024

The vaping crisis wasn’t an accident - it was a well engineered marketing campaign. The framing of tobacco use sounds like public health folk have dropped the ball on tobacco harm messaging- that simply isn’t true. The multibillion dollar tobacco industry used their numerous lobbying tricks to exploit policy loopholes and drive demand in younger people. Due to significant, consistent advocacy by public health professionals and organisations unlicensed vapes are now banned. Please be mindful of framing when summarising these issues. There are many well paid “bad actors” that we need to call out. 

somanypups January 3, 2024

Thanks you for sharing your story of coercive control, the strategic steps they take and the practice they have to escalate control quickly. I am sorry you have experienced this and wish you a peaceful and fulfilled life with your child. 

somanypups December 3, 2023

Great example about the positive power of social media. Horrible it happened but great her fans had her back 

somanypups November 28, 2023

Great, another way girls and women can be essentially erased. Sigh!!

somanypups November 26, 2023

Horrifying. Why are our justice systems do broken? 

somanypups October 26, 2023

Thank you for continuing to cover this endemic and for honouring Lilie’s life 

somanypups October 22, 2023

Dance like no one is watching! 

somanypups October 19, 2023

Absolutely hilarious and relatable 

somanypups September 9, 2023

Character references from those NOT potential victims are irrelevant. several ex girl friends or lovers who had consensual encounters would be better evidence. 

somanypups July 10, 2023

Adjacent to this but has anyone else noticed the creepy amount of matching outfits they had when dating? But of a red flag…

somanypups July 2, 2023

It’s wonderful to see these comebacks as these women were outcast and lost huge amounts of money as they were “too much”. Meanwhile plenty of men were raping and being awful but continuing about their business . It’s uplifting to see perhaps the tide has turned, even if just a little. 

somanypups May 12, 2023

How could he be at low risk of re-offending when he has already shown a pattern of behaviour (paying off a previous victim). This is clearly a man who gets off on hurting women physically, and possible mentally (the multiple trials where often the victims are essentially put on trial too). 

I doubt if women created the justice system this would even be determined just. 

somanypups April 5, 2023

Single child tropes are insulting and degrading. We don’t have the same thing for children (or parents) with multiple kids. 

There are lots of reasons it is great have a “limited edition” child. 

Most importantly it’s none of anyone’s GD business why they have (chosen or not) to have one, three of seventeen kids. 

let’s be more supportive and less judgemental 

somanypups February 1, 2023

@phillipstas I’m sorry to hear that, very distressing. 

May I ask - do the other medications not work for your husband? 
I hope the supply improves soon