So, Lili Reinhart is the spitting image of Brittany Murphy.


We have a celebrity doppleganger situation on our hands, people.

It turns out Lili Reinhart looks a hell of a lot like Brittany Murphy.

Fans noticed the doppleganger resemblance when the 21-year-old walked the Met Gala red carpet with her onscreen/real life boyfriend Cole Sprouse.



Even Reinhart sees the resemblance.

“Everyone says Brittany Murphy — everyone. They think I’m her reincarnated. There are a lot of pictures of us side by side where we look crazy–alike. If you just google Lili Reinhart and Brittany Murphy, you’ll see it,” she told Buzzfeed last year.

Yes well, it probably has nothing to do with reincarnation but the resemblance is… spooky.

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