Chilling messages have emerged from a newlywed woman who was allegedly murdered at sea.

Former Gold Coast businessman Lewis Bennett and his new wife, Isabella Hellmann, were on their boat ‘Surf Into Summer’ in the Bahamas, when Hellmann disappeared.

The couple had only been married for three months and they have a young daughter, Emelia, together.

Now,  months on from her disappearance, court documents have revealed disturbing text messages between the couple, and Bennett has been accused of killing his wife.

According to The Times, the couple fought extensively prior to the alleged honeymoon murder.

“This morning I was afraid to get home with the coffee but I walked in and I was right,” one text message from Hellmann read. “I found an angry person, this is very sad.”

“Sometimes I can be a pain in the a-s and more but you need to change your attitude… you make me crazy shouting, yelling, swearing… YOU ARE PUSHING ME AWAY,” read another.

“If you don’t like me or love me anymore let us fix this asap because is very pathetic the way you treated me all the time,” said another.

Bennett, 41, told authorities that he was below deck when he was jolted awake by what felt like a collision in May 2017, after which he jumped onto a lifeboat, with his Colombian born wife nowhere to be seen.

According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, Bennett then contacted a friend on the Gold Coast and the friend, in turn, alerted the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, who passed the message onto the US Coast Guard.


Bennett was reportedly found about four hours after he contacted Australia. But in spite of an intensive four-day search of a 17,000 sq km area, they have been unable to locate Hellmann or the couple’s boat, which sunk in more than 40,000 feet of water after the US Coast Guard briefly examined it.

“We haven’t had track of it or seen the boat since a beacon was attached weeks ago,” Coast Guard spokesman Jonathan Lally told the Palm Beach Post.

According to Bennett, the couple left Havana at 5.30pm on May 14, 2017, and were 100km off the Florida Keys when the collision occurred at around 1am.

Last week, Bennett was charged with his wife’s second degree murder.

Hellmann’s body has never been found, but prosecutors allege that the man murdered his wife off the coast of Cuba, before sinking his 37ft catamaran.

The Independent reports court papers filed this week allege Bennett killed 41-year-old Hellmann to end “marital strife” between them.

Prosecutor Benjamin Greenberg asked a US judge to admit into evidence conversations that Hellmann had with loved ones about the couple’s arguments over a move to Australia, money and raising their child.

Greenberg said these conversations show the pair were constantly arguing and by allegedly murdering his wife, Bennett would remove marital strife from his life and enable him to inherit her estate.