The Bachelor's Laura Byrne just learned she's marrying Matty J... from a magazine cover.

Engagements and proposals are, without a doubt, an exciting thing. From the planning that goes into them, to the inevitable first Instagram post revealing the news to family and friends, they’re kind of a big deal.

Especially when you’re one half of a couple who made their public debut on The Bachelor.

So it’s only natural to assume that Laura Byrne – who won Matty J’s heart on last year’s season of the reality dating show – was quite surprised when she learned that not only was she set to marry her beau, but that a magazine had received the ‘scoop’ before she did.

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Laura shared an image of the latest cover of OK! Magazine on her Instagram story, which boasted the headline, “Matty J confirms: Laura and I are getting married”.

The only problem of course, is that Matty J is yet to actually propose.

Laura Byrne Matty J engagement rumours
Image via Instagram.

"When you find out you're getting married!" the 30-year-old wrote on the snap.

"Mum bust out the dowry!"

While this may just be Matty J's idea of a very public proposal, we have no doubt this is simply a case of a rumour making it's way to front page news.

One thing that's definitely for sure, is that while other couples from last year's Bachelor and Bachelorette seasons haven't lasted (we're looking at you, Sophie and Stu...), Matty J and Laura are still going strong.

On Valentine's Day, Matty wrote a suitably mushy post to his girlfriend, sharing on Instagram that Laura was "easily the best thing that's ever happened to me".


"The thought of life without you breaks my heart into a million pieces," he added.

It's safe to say Australia will be more than happy to celebrate with the couple when they actually get engaged. It just might not be this very moment.