Hurrah! The last issue of Zoo Magazine has been published!

All hail Bauer Media for finally listening to the grossed out people of Australia! Amid plummeting sales, Zoo Magazine is finally DEAD.

Charming, guys. CHARMING.

Yesterday’s October 12, 2015 edition will be the last from the magazine, with the oh-so-charming team unwilling to give up their last chance for a royal ‘F*ck You!’ to the people who led to their demise.

According to Mumbrella, the final quarter of 2014 saw a huge 36 per cent decline in sales to just 24,122 copies sold.

The final issue includes a delightful editor’s note slamming “all the shouty killjoys who’ve spent years telling us – and you – that we’re horrible people because we like beautiful women and taking the piss out of just about anything.” 

Um, sorry, lads. That’s not the problem.

The problem was that you continually shamed themselves with outrageously bigoted and small-minded articles embarrassing Hollywood celebs, local stars, politicians, war veterans, and most commonly – women.

It was an epic eye-roll of a magazine, and one that was about as classy as a can of Lynx deodorant. (About as mature, too…)

We for one are happy to see it go down the gurgler. Sorry, boys.