"It’s overwhelming at times." Purple Wiggle Lachy Gillespie and Dana Stephenson on life with twins.

Purple Wiggle Lachy Gillespie and his fiancé Dana Stephenson have opened about what life is now like with twin newborns. The couple who welcomed twin girls, Lulu and Lottie, back in September explained how things have been going since.

"Life with newborn twins is brimming full but we already can’t imagine life without them in our arms," Dana wrote in an Instagram update.

"This is just one of so many beautiful images captured by @bridgetwoodphotography when Lulu and Lottie were barely weeks old and already we have all grown and learned so much together in that time. It was so precious to stop and breathe in these moments and to now have such special photographs before life with twins really took off," she continued.

"I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you to the people who have held us in their love and care, supported us near and far, our families and loved ones, and for every twin mama who has so generously shared pieces of advice and words of encouragement as we navigate this whole new world with our girls. I am grateful to every single one of you," she wrote.

"It’s certainly very full, busy, relentless and overwhelming at times and I have the utmost respect to any multiple parents out there!"

Dana ended by sharing how grateful she is for her partner and new dad, Lachy.

"So, so grateful for the beautiful man by my side each and every step of the way, @lachy_wiggle our children are so very lucky to have you as their Daddy," she added.

On September 12, Lachy and Dana announced the arrival of their daughters on social media. The couple never once shared that they were expecting.


"Oh Lulu and Lottie, your mummy and daddy love you with all we have – you are both so beautiful – and I would love to sing to you both forever," Lachy wrote on Instagram.

Dana, a senior artist at the Australian Ballet, met Lachy while on set recording a segment for The Wiggles. 

In December 2019, the Purple Wiggle shared a photo of the first time they met to celebrate their first anniversary together. The photo captures The Wiggles surrounded by ballerinas from the Australian Ballet.

In April of this year, the couple announced their engagement. They proposed to one another in their own heartfelt way.

"At the end of our summer holidays, I walked into the most beautiful surprise – a room filled with the most incredible flowers and Lachy singing at his piano and then asking me to marry him. It was such a surprise and so special. Our faces say it all," Dana wrote on Instagram. 

"It was something very meaningful for us to both have the opportunity to propose to one another, each in our own way.

"It was our time to ask Lachy our special question – and it was so, so wonderful."


While Lachy shared, "On Thursday night, Dana asked me to marry her at home under a fairy light sky and a very excited little boy in a beautiful bow tie."

Dana has a four-year-old son Jasper from a previous relationship.

Lachy separated from his ex-wife Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins in August 2018 after two years of marriage. They have remained close friends since the split and continue to work together.

Red Wiggle Simon Pryce and his wife Lauren Hannaford are also expecting their first child together.


Feature Image: Instagram/@dana_stephensen