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Kylie Minogue reveals how breaking off her engagement led to a 'nervous breakdown'.

Just over a year ago, Australia’s pop princess Kylie Minogue confirmed in a heartbreaking Instagram post that she had split with her fiancé Joshua Sasse.

“Thank you now for your love and understanding with the news that Josh and I have decided to go our separate ways,” she wrote to her fans on social media.

“We wish only the best for each other as we venture towards new horizons.”

Two weeks later, in an interview with the Sunday Herald Sun, Kylie admitted that although she will always “try to see the glass as half full” the break-up had made her question whether a “happy ever after” was in her destiny.

“I haven’t had the white picket fence and happy ever after in my life, so far, but perhaps that’s just not my destiny,” she said.

“I know love and I love to be in love.”

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Now, a year on from the split, the now 49-year-old said she had a sort of "nervous breakdown" after parting ways with the 29-year-old British actor.

"I just wanted to stop," she told The Sunday Times of her decision to 'escape' to Thailand with a group of girlfriends when her breakup went public.

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"I knew I needed to heal.... my physical system was compromised. I think it's called a nervous breakdown."

Despite her struggles, Kylie maintains that the split was the right thing to do, admitting it "wasn't the right union".

"I've never been that woman, that girl who dreams of walking down the aisle," she said.

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"You dust yourself off and you go through that period of 'Never again. Not going to do it'."

Kylie and Joshua met in November of 2014, and revealed their engagement in February 2016. The pair were proud supporters of same-sex marriage, and told fans they would not tie the knot until same-sex marriage was made legal in Australia, a feat that was only achieved late last year.

Before the split, rumours were rife that Joshua had grown "close" with a female co-star, Spaniard Marta Milans.

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