Why Kylie Jenner was furious with Kim Kardashian after Stormi's birth.


There are a number of annoying things sisters can do.

Borrowing your clothes without asking? Annoying. Borrowing your clothes without asking then spilling things on them? Very annoying.

Most of the time, after a little bit of yelling, these incidents can be easily forgiven. (Probably because you know you’ll end up accidentally doing the same thing back to them at some point).

Well, on last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner shed light on a sisterly wrongdoing committed by Kim that she’s having a hard time getting past.

And it involves her baby Stormi.

The siblings’ bickering can be viewed in a snippet from the episode shared on Instagram. You can see it for yourself below…Kylie seems salty.


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Kylie and Stormi on #KUWTK (Part 1 of 2)

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As the new mum is seen walking into Kardashian HQ with her daughter – the baby’s first appearance on the reality show –  Kim comments that the infant gave her ‘side-eye’.

“That’s because she knows,” replied Kylie, shooting Kim a sisterly death-stare.

“She knows: ‘you kissed me first, before my mum’.”

As it turns out, Kim was the first person to kiss the baby on the lips, and Kylie is not happy about it.

In the background, Kris can be heard saying “You’ll never let that go,” while Kim explains: “It was like days later, who knew she’d never kissed her on the lips.”

Which Kylie…did not appreciate.

“She jokingly said ‘I’m her first kiss’,” Kylie shot back, while Kris told off a giggling Kendall.

Oh, sisters.

They swiftly moved on from the matter before it got too heated, but we don’t think it’s the last time Kylie will bring it up.

In the comments on Instagram, followers seem to be on Kylie’s side:

“I’d be sooo pissed if someone kissed my baby before I did lmao,” one said, while another commented: “Kim is horrible.”


Would you hold a grudge over your sister kissing your baby before you? Let us know in the comments below.