We just found out exactly what Kylie Jenner eats in a day and WHY DO I CARE SO MUCH.

When we left the house this morning, after snoozing five alarms and dousing our heads in a can of dry shampoo, we expected today to be just like any other.

But then… we saw how much Kylie Jenner loves bone broth. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kylie shared what she eats in a day in a video for Harper’s Bazaar and it’s really all we can think about.

In more concerning food news, a serving of fries is reportedly just six chips. Post continues below video.

Video via Mamamia

Why? Dunno. Do we have actual work to be doing? Sure. But seriously, guys, she eats (drinks?) so much freaking bone broth.

Talking through her daily food diary, Kylie says she starts her day with bone broth, mixed with lavender and lemon, which sounds… horrendous, OR, a cup of fresh celery juice.

Both are objectively terrible ways to start a day, especially because Kylie says her two-year-old Stormi enjoys foods like blueberries, turkey bacon and BAGELS, a top tier food no matter the meal.

Kylie gets her caffeine fix from a peach tea or vanilla iced latte with oat milk, although she’s trying to cut down. We say the same thing every day but we’re definitely lying.


A typical lunch for Kylie is lemon chicken with vegetables, a giant salad from Los Angeles chain Health Nut (or their tuna sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce), but on the day of the video she ordered a steak burrito, rice, and enchiladas.

When Kylie travels she orders a kale salad from room service, describing it as, quote: "Yum."

Kale is not yum but she also adds croutons so we'll allow it.

Her go-to 'cheat meal' is In-N-Out Burger, which was also her main pregnancy craving.

"When I was pregnant I had to eat In-N-Out at least once a week. It was a problem," she says.

"I'll always do a double cheeseburger with just special sauce and grilled onions... fries 'well done' and a Coke."

Main takeaway: In the US you can order your fries 'well done' so they come extra crispy and that's... genius.

kylie jenner food
"Wish this was bone broth lol" Image: Harper's Bazaar.

Now to the most important part of any day which is obviously snacks.

Kylie says she's a big snacker, and girl, same. She lists strange things called Barbecue Lays, Chili Cheese Fritos, and Extra Cheesy Goldfish as her faves and we have absolutely no idea what those are but as long as they aren't real fish, we're down to try.

Kylie also eats pomegranate seeds which seems like something a billionaire would do, and orders "litres" of miso soup from the sushi place down the street.

We enjoy very much that Kylie usually cooks dinner for herself and Stormi or orders sushi because she really bloody loves sashimi but we have no time to discuss because... back to bone broth.

Kylie says she sips on it all day. Like, at every possible moment.

"I'll go through probably two jars, like this big, of bone broth a day," she explains.

kylie jenner food
THAT'S TOO MUCH BONE BROTH. Image: Harper's Bazaar.

Kylie does not explain why she drinks so much meat flavoured soup but it really has turned our world upside down.

We have so many unanswered questions: Why does she drink it? Who makes it? Does she drink it warm or cold? Does she have a dedicated storage place for her 12,000 large jars of broth? Why?? Does?? She?? Drink?? It??

Finally, Kylie moves on from bone broth and offers some other truly enlightening information, namely her strategy to stop snacking at night and we... are equal parts impressed and horrified.

In order to curb late-night cravings, she locks herself in her bedroom, turns on her TV, gets herself all cozy and sits back to relax with... literally just one pre-sliced apple. That way she has no choice but to eat the apple if she's feeling peckish because she's too lazy (#solidarity) to get up and go to the kitchen.

dr phil

We had lots to do today but frankly, after watching this video approximately 14 times our brains are at capacity. We're checking out early.

Blame it on the bone broth.

Feature image: Harper's Bazaar/Instagram.