Kylie Jenner's innocent Christmas tweet has made some of her fans very angry.


With one simple tweet, Kylie Jenner sent her fans into meltdown.

No, she wasn’t announcing a new beauty product. It wasn’t a new trademark sexy Kardashian/Jenner selfie.

It was about a Christmas tree.

Unfortunately for Kylie, some of her fans weren’t too impressed that she had shortened the word ‘Christmas’, using the colloquial ‘xmas’ instead.


Cue the wrath of millions of followers, who began to tweet the correct spelling to Kylie.

Image via Twitter.

Others leapt to the reality star's defence, telling fans to "calm down".

"All these people going off at [Kylie] need to stop!! It's just an abbreviation, everybody knows what the holiday represents!!" one fan wrote.

Another wrote, "I can't stand you but I'm coming to your defense on this one. #Xmas is perfectly acceptable (sic)."

Um, thanks?

If Kylie's Snapchat is anything to go by, she hasn't let the Twitter haters dampen her Christmas (or should it be Kristmas?) spirit, showing off her GIANT tree for her fans.