“It was just horrifying”: What Kyle Sandilands did to ruin one of his closest friendships.


Radio stars Kyle Sandilands and Jase Hawkins have spoken together publicly for the first time about their falling out.

Speaking on their KIIS FM breakfast show in Sydney, Jackie O spoke about how Kyle ‘swooped in’ on his ex-wife Tamara Jaber at the Cleo Bachelor Awards, despite knowing his best mate Jase had feelings for her.

Tamara Jaber, a member of 2000s pop group Scandul’us (winners of the second season of Popstars), was just getting to know Jase Hawkins when she met Kyle at the Cleo Bachelor Awards.

“It was just horrifying because I was there at the table and he [Jase] was so into her. Then you just swooped in and she gave all her attention to you. And then you married her,” Jackie O recalled.

After meeting at the Cleo Bachelor Awards, Kyle later went on to marry Tamara Jaber in 2008 before splitting after just two years of marriage in 2010.

Kyle also spoke about how poorly he treated his friend Jase when they lived together.

“I’d sit at home stoned and I’d send him up to the servo to buy me chocolate Paddle Pops and I wouldn’t even let him take the car. I’d make him take the pushbike,” Kyle admitted.

But it was an incident a few years down the track that truly ended the pair’s friendship. In 2012, Kyle failed to show up to Jase’s wedding, despite the fact that he was meant to be the MC.

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Kyle and Jackie O called through to Jase’s Melbourne-based KIIS FM morning radio show to chat about the pair’s falling out.

“I got introduced to Tamara from Scandal’us and I was like, ‘I feel like there are sparks here,’” said Jase.

Jase explained that Kyle, who was in a relationship at the time, cryptically told Jase ‘not to go there’.

The trio later attended the Moulin Rouge film premiere together in 2001. When Tamara and Kyle left the premiere together, Jase naively assumed Kyle was just kindly dropping her home. He was wrong.

In typical Kyle Sandilands fashion, Kyle described in detail (a little too much detail) what happened that night after the Moulin Rouge premiere – we’re sorry in advance for the mental image.

“Can I tell you what really happened? You know how she had that Mirage hatchback? We had sex in the Coles carpark that day. I’m sorry,” Kyle told Jase.

Jase also brought up Kyle’s no-show at his 2012 wedding.

“In hindsight, I’m glad you didn’t come, because there’s a good chance you would have been out in the wedding car with my wife!” Jase said.

It’s not the first time Kyle Sandilands has lost a friend due to bailing on a wedding – he also failed to show up to friend Brian McFadden’s wedding, even though he was meant to be part of the bridal party.