Everything Kyle and Jackie O have said about Kyle and Tegan Kynaston's wedding.

Kyle Sandilands has been married a matter of hours, but he's already back on the Sydney airwaves, because of course he is.

Sandilands and co-host Jackie 'O' Henderson were both live for their Monday morning Kyle and Jackie O Show, where they gave a few details of what went on at the elaborate Sydney ceremony on April 29.

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Here's everything they've dished so far.

Sandilands' $150,000 flowers were... great.

You'd hope so, wouldn't you? According to Henderson, the exorbitant amount spent on flowers showed.

"I know you spent a lot of money on the flowers but boy it showed. I felt like it was Great Gatsby. It was so romantic and beautiful," she said.

For that price, honestly, I'd want 12 more compliments specifically about them.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese had 'the best time'.

Many a tweet was sent about Albo's decision to attend the wedding. On KIIS FM, Sandilands said he was listening to ABC Radio before the big day and heard "a couple of grumpy old blokes" discussing if Albanese would turn up.

"'You watch, my prediction, in and out - last in, first out, he'll be there 20 minutes tops'," he recalled them saying.

"Well, Albo spent about six and a half hours there."

They both said the leader had a great time and laughed at the wedding speeches.

They also spoke highly of Albanese's partner, Jodie Haydon.

"The first girlfriend, what a woman. She is cool. They sat next to my mum and mym was like 'they're just normal people!' and I was like 'yeah, they're human beings'."


They called Albanese the 'baby whisperer' because of how good he was with Sandilands and Kynaston's son, Otto.

Sandilands said Albanese sent him photos he took with Otto and Sandilands' mother the following day.

"Thanks for coming, appreciate it," Sandilands said.

"I didn't think I'd cry."

Jackie O said while the rest of the guests watched Kynaston walk down the aisle with her 97-year-old grandfather, she made sure to keep looking back at Sandilands, who was instantly emotional.


"I didn't think I'd cry," he said. "I burst into tears."

Guy Sebastian performed. Twice.

In the reception, he sang the song for the first dance, and then he did performed at the reception.

"People were going off. The greatest vocalist in the country," Sandilands said.

Sebastian called into the show to talk through the night.

"Everyone talks about how extravagant it is and how boogie and how cool it was, but mate, as usual, there was just so much love in the room," he told Sandilands.


They discussed the 'small' guest list.

"I think everyone was a bit surprised because I had a few people come up to be and say 'it's small, there's only a hundred or so people, I feel really honoured to be here.'"

Sebastian said he had a great time performing, even switching up his set list at the last moment to play more 'bangers', 

"I don't drink until I'm done singing and stuff. The thing is, I hold off and I think 'I'll catch up later', but by the time I perofrmed everyone was so smashed it was too much of an uphill battle," Sebastian joked.

Conrad Sewell also performed as Sandilands and Kynaston left the ceremony.

Jackie O's tarot card prediction.

Henderson said she did a tarot card reading before the wedding, and nothing came true except for one card:

"I drew the Tower card, which is a real bad tarot card to draw. It's basically people falling to their deaths."

No one died! Don't panic! But Henderson said a tower of champagne glasses got knocked over before the wedding started.

"It was literally a tower. That's amazing! It's quite literal - a tower falling," Henderson said.

"I think you're drawing quite a long bow there with 'amazing'," Sandilands replied.

More to come.

Feature image: Facebook/Instagram @KIISFM.