"I got worse and worse.” Why Kyle Sandilands went missing for 48 hours this week.

Something odd happened this week.

On Tuesday morning, KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O suffered their first ratings loss in three years.

WSFM’s Brendan “Jonesy” Jones and Amanda Keller beat the radio duo to the top spot.

Then Kyle… disappeared.

When thousands of people tuned into the show on Wednesday morning, they noticed the distinct lack of Kyle’s gruff, sardonic tones.

The controversial radio host had called in sick.

The next morning Kyle still wasn’t back on the air, with co-host Jackie O telling fans, “We don’t know where he is”.

The plot then thickened.

A barista at Uliveto Cafe in Kings Cross told the Daily Telegraph, Kyle hadn’t been in for his regular morning coffee and cigarette with his friend, John Ibrahim.

“He normally comes in at 11am every morning with John (Ibrahim) and has his coffee and a cigarette and leaves,” he said.

There was also no sign of Kyle at his usual haunts in his north shore suburb of Mosman – including Chargrill Charlie’s and his regular car wash.

Then, on Friday morning, the 47-year-old reemerged.

“We all know I was just sick,” he explained on air. “I was home in bed.”

Kyle was quick to deny that his disappearance had anything to do with the ratings.


“I went around and said good on you to Amanda and Jonesy,” he explained on the show.

“I’m not sad or tired. I was sick.”

“I didn’t like not being here,” he said. “And I wasn’t in hiding.”

“I couldn’t give a sh*t about the ratings. I don’t even believe those ratings are true,” he added.


According to News.com.au, Kyle would later further explain his absence during his morning coffee with John Ibrahim.

The radio host said he had come down with a “bug” and was experiencing some side effects from his new blood pressure medication.

“I felt really dizzy on Wednesday morning in the shower — I got out of the shower, nearly slid over on Imogen’s f**king tan (lotion) that was on the ground. I sat down for 20 minutes and it was getting worse. There was no way I could drive, I was too unsteady. Then I got worse and worse.”

Kyle’s partner, Imogen Anthony, was in New Zealand on a modelling job at the time.

Kyle said she wanted to come home early to help him, but she also wanted to go to Hobbit Land.

“I said, ‘Go to f*ckin’ Hobbit Land. Go.’ So she’s running around Hobbit Land ringing me every half an hour going, ‘Are you all right?’ And I’m like, ‘I just fell asleep! Stop ringing!’”

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