'I was a bit sick last year.' Kyle Sandilands has opened up about living a 'different life' in 2019.

In September last year, Kyle Sandilands’ partner Imogen Anthony told media that the reason the radio host hadn’t been at work was that he was “extremely sick”.

“I felt really dizzy on Wednesday morning in the shower,” Sandilands told his co-host Jackie O when he returned after three days off work. “I got out of the shower, nearly slid over on Imogen’s f**king tan (lotion) that was on the ground. I sat down for 20 minutes and it was getting worse. There was no way I could drive, I was too unsteady. Then I got worse and worse.”

But his health is an issue the 47-year-old is actively tackling in 2019.

“I was a bit sick last year, just from being [overweight] and not getting enough sleep,” the Kyle and Jackie O Show host told NewsCorp’s Sunday Confidential.

“I thought, ‘I can’t do this, I’ve got responsibilities’. So I’ve lost a bit of weight. Imogen has gone hardcore so the Coca-Cola is finished, I’m on the green juice. We installed a gym over Christmas so I work out every day, just lightly. She also has me on Youfoodz.”

Sandilands previously said he was drinking Coca-Cola “like it was water”.

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“I am living this different life,” he told Sunday Confidential. “I do as I’m told now.”

When Sandilands discussed his diet on radio last year, Jackie O called “BS” on his claims that he eats quite healthy meals, including “Pete Evans sh*t” for dinner. His problem, he said, was with his consumption of both soft drink and coffee.

Sandilands told news.com.au he drinks an average of 30 coffees a day – including 12 during his morning radio show.

But now, he’s focused on self-care, and with the help of his 28-year-old girlfriend, he’s even getting facials.


He told Sunday Confidential he underwent what’s called a “high-intensity focused ultrasound facelift”, which he said was “amazing”.

The non-invasive procedure is described as using ultrasound energy to penetrate deep beneath the skin to stimulate collagen production and is meant to help tighten sagging skin.

It’s been previously reported that Kyle has been hospitalised with high blood pressure and suffered a hernia. He’s also been open about his struggle with his weight and has spoken of being “fat-shamed” by Australian media.

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